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The new female “Ghostbusters” spotted in uniform on set…

I think they look kind of cute actually. Notice the hair on Kate McKinnon who is the blonde. Is she the female version of Egon? That means that Leslie Jones is the female version of Winston. Melissa the female version of Ray. Kristen the female version of Peter? That’s what it’s kind of looking like to me. I’m sure we’ll see a pic of them with proton packs strapped on pretty soon.

Even though people are still trashing this movie, there are more people starting to like it with all of these new pics so now with the “mixed” responses… that’s actually a good thing. I predict a lot more people will like it once the trailer comes out.

Today is the Ghostbusters panel at SDCC so I hope we hear more big news from it. I still hope the original Ghostbusters will still be involved in the film, though. Hopefully… Dan, Bill and Ernie will have cameos.

Could Peter Venkman get slimed by Slimer again? That would be kind of funny… Peter and Slimer reunite.


Paul Feig shows off the new Ecto-1 car for all-female “Ghostbusters”…

Here’s what Melissa, Kate, Kristen and Leslie will be riding in. The new Ecto-1. Look like they’re keeping the Ecto-1 name after all.

Anyway, Paul Feig knows about all the negative criticism toward his “Ghostbusters” movie. He’s taking it all like a man and he likes hearing it all. Paul finally responds to the negative criticism toward this movie and he doesn’t seem to mind…


Will Ray Parker Jr’s “Ghostbusters” theme be in the all-female film???

A lot of Ghostbusters fans would wonder if the Ray Parker Jr. “Ghostbusters” theme will be in the upcoming Paul Feig all female “Ghostbusters”. Will Ray Parker Jr.’s song be played in the new upcoming film? Everybody knows about the legal battle between Ray Parker Jr. vs. Huey Lewis which was why the song wasn’t used for “Ghostbusters 2”.

Paul Feig says, the main theme to “Ghostbusters” will be in the film somehow but he won’t say whether he will use the original or do a cover song version of it. He’s pretty sure he’s gonna use the song.


I think that they won’t play the whole song if they’ll use the original Ray Parker Jr. tune, they’ll probably play parts of it… either that or they’ll play the whole song at the end credits?

I would say that the original song should be used for sure. So hopefully they got authorized permission from Ray Parker Jr. and Huey Lewis. I would think they would have to.


Paul Feig reveals the new proton pack for all-female “Ghostbusters”…

The new proton pack is a little different than the original. Noticing that the proton pack is a lot smaller. I kind of figured they were gonna make the proton pack a little smaller so it would be less heavy for the women to walk around. Remember women are not as strong as men are so they shouldn’t be walking around with heavy proton packs. I’m sure the original proton packs were really heavy.

The plot/synopsis is still unknown at this time but I’m sure they’ll reveal it all soon.

I’m predicting that the next photo that Paul is gonna reveal are the 4 women wearing the new uniform and proton packs.

Wonder what the Ghostbusters will be driving in? I’m sure there’s gonna be a new Ghostbusters car with a new look but it’ll be similar to the original… they’ll probably give the car a new name too, I don’t think they’ll call it Ecto-1 but who knows?

I think the reason many people don’t want this movie to happen is ’cause “Ghostbusters 2” wasn’t as good and people don’t believe Hollywood could make a great Ghostbusters movie again. People also believe that it’s not Ghostbusters without the original actors.

Ya know, I think Dan Aykroyd is still gonna be involved in this movie somehow… maybe he’ll have a cameo. Maybe Bill Murray will still be in it, who knows? When it comes to Bill Murray, he never said, “yes” or “no”. Bill may have been a bit strict but like everyone else he was skeptical of the new film at first ’cause of “G-2” the second one. He just wants to make sure the script for the next one is gonna be good, that was all. Now Bill’s been giving the new all-female cast positive feedback and had a change of heart with it, who knows? Maybe Bill will have a role in it too? We’ll just have to wait and see, ya know? Maybe they will soon make the big announcement that Bill will star in it after all. We’ll have to wait and see. 🙂


Dan Aykroyd predicts that all female “Ghostbusters” will be a massive hit…

I’m thinking that Dan is probably right the new “Ghostbusters” will probably be a massive hit when it comes out in the year 2016. Maybe it will be just as good as the first “Ghostbusters” movie, who knows? Even though a lot of people are shitting the hell out of this movie, you know everyone will go and see it anyway just out of curiosity alone. Next thing you know, everyone will end up finding the movie very enjoyable.

I can understand how skeptical people are but I think there’s a chance that they will give what “Ghostbusters” fans would want despite the original actors not being in it at all. I’m pretty sure Dan is giving the writers and Paul the director all kinds of advice and help. Dan is probably their mentor. Dan is the Ghostbusters expert so he’s doing everything he can to make fans happy. Dan knows all the negative criticism people are giving him about this film but he’s promising people that they will end up liking it.

I’m sure the movie will be scary, funny and entertaining all at the same time. I’m sure Slimer and Staypuff will probably make a comeback.

I predict that everyone will probably end up loving the movie when it comes out.


Paul Feig reveals new “Ghostbusters” uniforms that the women will be wearing…

So this is the new uniform that Melissa, Kristen, Kate and Leslie will be wearing for the upcoming “Ghostbusters” film. They definitely look different than the original uniforms. Some people would wonder why Melissa’s uniform is so small due to her weight but seeing Melissa on the set of “Ghostbusters” looks like she lost some weight for the role so I’m sure she’ll fit in it just fine.

Here’s Melissa on set:

She definitely lost some weight so she must be working out and eating right. Getting prepared for the role.

I’m sure they’ll show us what the women will look like wearing the uniforms soon and hope they’ll show us the new proton packs.

All the movie fans maybe giving this movie negative criticism this soon but never know, maybe the movie will turn out enjoyable after all. I’m pretty sure we’ll get a teaser soon. The teaser will probably get shown at San Diego Comic Con, I would think.


A few set photos of all-female “Ghostbusters” released…

What is that new Ghostbusters gadget that Melissa McCarthy is holding? Looks like a new ghost trap to me.

It’s already looking kind of interesting, actually. Despite the negative feedback it’s mostly getting. I’m willing to give it a chance. When we get our first teaser trailer of this movie, I’ll make a decision on whether or not I should see it in theater. I’m sure we’ll get our first trailer pretty soon. They’re probably getting prepared for San Diego Comic Con this year so they can reveal some footage and clips there so that’s probably why they scheduled filming early.


Dan Aykroyd continues to ignore critics of all-female “Ghostbusters” and keeps praising the hell out of it…

I’m sure Dan Aykroyd knows that nobody wants to see the all-female “Ghostbusters” reboot. It’s pretty clear that he doesn’t care. He seems pretty committed to this movie and still moving forward with it.

Here’s his latest response…

“Yeah, it’s going to be hot! The new one’s going to be big! The interplay, and with each of them, their individual voices are so well defined. They’re just such different characters, and there’s a friction. There’s a dynamic there. I’m not going to spoil it for people, but it’s going to be big, big!” – Dan Aykroyd


Maybe Dan is just trying to tell us, “Settle down people, you won’t be disappointed at all!!!”

He could be right, though. Maybe the all-female “Ghostbusters” will turn out very enjoyable after all. We’ll have to see the movie for ourselves and not badly judge this early. I’ll give it a chance, I guess.


Do you think Sony would be successful in expanding the “Ghostbusters” universe???

This article at Deadline is an interesting read…


Ivan Reitman and Sony wants to expand the Ghostbusters universe. They don’t want to leave the first two films as is at all. They want to turn Ghostbusters into a big franchise. More films, TV shows, cartoon series, video games, merchandise, etc. In other words this is what Disney is doing with “Star Wars”. This is what New Line Cinema has done with the “Lord of the Rings” franchise.

First we get the Paul Feig all-female “Ghostbusters” with Melissa McCarthy and all them — that film is still happening. Now there’s gonna be an all-male version with the Russo brothers helming and Channing Tatum may star along with a rumored Chris Pratt.

What do you think? Do you think “Ghostbusters” would be successful without the original cast?

To be honest, as much as I don’t like them continuing on without the original cast… yes, I think “Ghostbusters” will be VERY successful even without the original cast. I mean… “Ghostbusters” was already a big franchise around the time the first two films came out. They even had a few cartoon series.

Keep in mind, we have a new generation of movie goers and I’m sure this new generation have never even seen the two originals. Once people go see these new films, it could draw more people to the originals and I think that’s the goal. When Paul Feig’s all-female “Ghostbusters” film come out, you know all of us are gonna flock to see it anyways, out of curiosity. I’m predicting that once the teaser trailer for Feig’s “Ghostbusters” comes out, everybody is gonna be all over it.

Thinking about it a while, movie franchises moving on without the original cast and crew is nothing new. That’s what the Terminator did. “Robocop” continued on and continued to be successful even without Peter Weller.

Like they all say, the shows gotta go on. That’s how the movie business works.

Will I go see the all-female “Ghostbusters”? I’m gonna wait to see the upcoming trailers first and then I’ll make a decision. You really shouldn’t judge early.


Dan Aykroyd finally speaks on new all-female “Ghostbusters”… he praises the casting but ignores the fans requests to “leave it” alone…

Dan Aykroyd finally releases statement now that the casting have been revealed and he says the casting is “magnificent”. It’s pretty clear that Dan and Sony studios are not listening to the fans commentary. They are pretty desperate in getting this film made for sure. There are too many fans begging them to leave this film alone but it’s obvious the crew behind the new “Ghostbusters” don’t care what the fans think. It’s pretty amazing isn’t it?


Last time I checked, Dan have been talking about for years that he originally wanted the original Ghostbusters to pass the torch to three males and 1 female, I think. Originally they wanted this film to be a continuation, not a reboot but since Harold Ramis died and Ivan Reitman pulled out… there have been sudden changes.

I think the only reason they’re making this all-female is that their delusional minds, an all-female Ghostbusters would be a “hit”. Well all the long time Ghostbusters fans have responded and they’re not welcoming that idea. Nobody wants this to happen.

Will any of the original “Ghostbusters” be involved? I wouldn’t be surprised that Bill Murray will finally agree to sign on to it just to draw people into to see this but even Bill being in it wouldn’t be able to save it.

We wanted the original 4 in the film but since Harold passed away they should have killed the project altogether. I hope this film flops hard.