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Here’s even more proof that Obama’s Ebola is a “hoax”…

I can go on with this all day long. Even Ghana in West Africa confirms it.


Of course you will never believe any of it no matter what gets put out there. Read the rest of that article too in case you were too lazy to watch that 50 minute video I posted about it.

There’s no Ebola in America and there’s no Ebola in Africa either. All staged by the Obama administration and the mainstream news media to start shoving vaccines in our faces sometime in the future. Get over it and accept the truth.


The last thing you wanna do is trust the White House and the CDC about Ebola…

Yep… like always, the last thing you wanna do is trust the White House and the CDC about Ebola. Anything coming from them is probably made up and a lie. I don’t know much about Ebola. Don’t know much about the symptoms and the side effects but I’m sure most of the info that the White House is giving us about Ebola is all a lie.

You don’t wanna listen to Obama teaching you about how Ebola works.

I still believe that this latest outbreak of Ebola is fake and a hoax. Some of you may ask. Why would our government and the CDC waste all of this tax payer money to start an Ebola hoax? Well for a few things like I said before they could do it start getting all of us to take vaccine shots. There may not be vaccines for Ebola right now but there will be. Canada is shipping vaccines to the World Health Organization, look it up. Plus, another reason this could be a hoax ’cause it helps make Obama look good. After all the crimes and scandals that Obama went through over the 6 years of his presidency, he wants his presidency to go out on a good note before he goes out in 2016. It’s an opportunity for Obama to look like a hero again. He’s trying to distract us from Isis, the Border Crisis, Benghazi, and all the other stuff he’s been through.

I am also noticing that libtards can’t figure out a way to blame the Ebola outbreak on Bush so they typically blame it on Republicans instead. That’s what they usually do when they can’t find a way to blame Bush on something.

I am tired of seeing Ebola all over the news and social networking, though. I don’t really care about Ebola. Americans are being scared over “nothing” when the reality is, Americans should be scared of Obama still being in the oval office. Americans should be more concerned of that… Obama still being president.

Ever notice that every time Obama gets into a crime or a scandal each one is shrouded in mystery? Well, it’s no surprise that the Ebola outbreak is gonna be shrouded in mystery and the Obama administration refuses to give us answers like usual. Do you see a bit of a pattern here?

I don’t care about Ebola. There are more important things to worry about like trying to get Obama held accountable for his actions over the years. If we got rid of Obama a long time ago, then I’m pretty positive this latest so called Ebola outbreak wouldn’t have happened. He’s only trying to scare us. That’s all he’s doing.


More on Ebola…

Yeah, I do know that this wasn’t the first so-called, “Ebola Outbreak”. The Ebola Outbreak first happened in 1976. The only reason that the ignorant left is saying that Ebola goes way back is that nobody wants to typically blame this on Obama like usual. What’s new in the world of left-wing and their misinformed politics???

Not only that the NY Times got caught red-handed with the Ebola stuff, CNN got caught red-handed too and I’m about to find that video. The NY Times video I just posted was obviously scripted and faked at best. Do you think a hospital would leave a dying kid on the ground like that while his father is nearby talking about it (where he could potentially catch it himself?)? Are you serious?

Ebola is real, yes, but it’s just that this latest outbreak isn’t. It’s just a media frenzy, nothing more. They’re trying to get us brainwashed into getting us thinking that Ebola is coming to America so we can rush into taking vaccine shots. Plus, the media is reporting a lot of false information about Ebola, it’s crazy.

Anything reported in the media these days is pretty much made up and a lie. Once again, it’s why I don’t watch or read the news anymore. I try not to anyway. I especially try not to pay attention to liberal news. I get my news from alternative sources… they are better and more realistic reporting.

It’s pretty funny how people quickly believe things they see in the news like on NBC and CNN.

When will this country stop trying to make Obama look innocent in everything? I’m getting real tired of it. Obama is not innocent as he looks. Far from it.


The NY Times just accidentally confirmed that Ebola outbreak is a hoax with this video…

Pay close attention.

1) The kid in front of the hospital is faking it and acting. (You can tell, the kid was seen looking away from the camera when the camera was pointing at him)

2) You can see the kid’s father walking away toward the end of the video with American cash in his hand. (The NY Times probably paid him to read off a script of theirs)

This news segment was totally scripted and fake all around.

Quit being so naive people. This Ebola stuff all over the news is just a lousy attempt to force us all to take vaccines.

Once again, quit believing everything you see in the liberal news. It’s a huge part of why I don’t watch the news ’cause the news is nothing but lies and misinformation. Not only our government is broken and corrupt, our news media is too.

Yes, Ebola is probably real but it doesn’t look like what you see in the news at all. Once again, we won’t get Ebola in the United States and never will. I think we’re fine. No need to fret. It’s just a media frenzy. The news will do anything to get more attention and to help market their companies. Get more ratings and subscriptions. That’s all they’re doing.


Ebola is just another hoax by the Obama administration. We’re fine, America! Don’t worry! No such disease!!!

If you dig deeper and do more research you would find out that Ebola is another hoax started by the Obama administration. Ebola is not real. Just like those Isis beheading videos aren’t real… just like the Sandy Hook shooting wasn’t real.

All of these things are just a distraction to keep our minds off all of Obama’s scandals and crimes like Benghazi, Operation F&F, IRS, NSA, etc.

I’m tired of seeing Ebola and Isis all over the news. They are just a media frenzy, nothing more.

Don’t worry, America. There is no such thing as Ebola. Don’t believe everything you see in liberal news. There is gonna be no apocalypse of any kind. We’re not gonna turn into zombies or any of that shit. Obama is just trying to scare us and just trying to help the Democrat party look good for the Nov. elections.

Tomorrow, I’m gonna post more information to show you how this so called disease outbreak is a hoax. Be on the lookout!


The Zombie apocalypse maybe coming for real…

So Obama opened the borders and allowed Ebola to enter our country. Few people have gotten Ebola and all of us could get it. I know that zombie apocalypse’s is fictional but it sounds like it’s gonna happen for real. More evidence of Obama’s transforming of the USA. He wants to kill us and that was his goal all along. You liberals should be very scared of Obama. He knows what he’s doing to America and knows what he wants.

Ebola is very scary. Obama wants all of us to get the disease so he can kill us all and replace us with his fellow Muslim people.

Everyone in America could get Ebola and a real apocalypse could be upon us. Get ready America!!!