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Steve Bannon, another fraud in the MAGA community… I’m not surprised though, I never liked that man to begin with!!!

Joy Villa the Scientologist pop singer has just been exposed as a MAGA fraud, Steve Bannon is next to be on the fraud list. One thing for sure, you can’t trust everybody in politics even people on your own side.

This was exposed by writer Michael Wolff who just wrote a book about the Trump White House titled, “Fire and Fury”. Bannon was caught saying that Don Jr. having a meeting with a group of Russians was “treasonous” and “unpatriotic”.



Well I’m not surprised that we have another Trump backstabber ’cause Bannon has always been on and off the Trump train ever since the election started. This is kind of funny ’cause this is the same guy who said the Russian investigation was a “farce” and he’s been saying the investigation has been nothing for a long while. So did Bannon flip-flop and now agreeing that the Trump campaign colluded with Russia?

It’s kind of crazy to call Don Jr. “treasonous” ’cause he doesn’t work at the White House and he’s not a politician so it doesn’t make any sense.

Bannon… a MAGA fraud. How nice. It doesn’t surprise me though ’cause I’ve always had negative feelings toward that man. Never liked him and I don’t get why some in the MAGA community has such a huge hard-on for him. Of course, all the Steve Bannon fanatics are sticking by his side and claiming what Michael Wolff wrote was bullshit. Some in the MAGA community think Bannon is god and it’s clear they’re trying to push a Bannon 2020 presidential run. My feelings are that if you’re a Bannon fan and want him to run for prez in 2020 then you’re not MAGA, you’re anti-Trump and always has been.

Don’t trust everybody in the MAGA community folks. There are many frauds and fakes out there. Many would take advantage to get publicity for themselves so they would try to leech off of Trump’s fame.

The Trump community are totally focused on making this country great again. You’re either in or out. Your choice.