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Report: Stevie Nicks says computers and cell phones has destroyed the social life of people…and I agree with her…

Fleetwood Mac’s front woman, Stevie Nicks, finally opens up on why she never uses a computer or a cell phone to keep in touch with people.

Check it out here:


I agree with her totally. Before anyone calls her delusional and she shouldn’t be bashing the internet, you have to stop and think, and admit that she is 100% right.

Before the internet came around when I was a kid, there were TV, movies, video games, listening to music or better, doing outdoors activities. When the internet came around, that pretty much destroyed all that. Everyone became so addicted to the internet, even myself when it first came around.

I’m doing my very best to kick my internet addiction habit, by doing other things ’cause you notice that my blog slows down with posts more often. I’m hoping getting into exercise and fitness will help get me away from the computer more often as well.

It’s sad that the internet has taken over the world. These days that’s all certain people out there really do, they sit at the computer, 24/7, some people think the internet is their life.

And about using cell phones, black berry’s and all that technical shit, I don’t have any of that. I know cell phones are popular, and everyone I see has one, but I think I’m one of the very few that don’t. I actually despise cell phones and don’t ever plan on buying one. I would want my privacy, don’t you? Doesn’t it get annoying to having the phone ring on ya everywhere you go? Doesn’t it get annoying that when you’re talking to someone in person out in public and then the cell phone rings? If you’re bothered by all that, then why have one?

Some people may think cell phones may come in handy, but in my opinion, they are a fuckin’ waste of time. If I wanted to talk on the phone, I would use a regular home phone, not a cell phone. If people wanted to talk to me, leave me messages on the home phone, not send me messages everywhere I go.

This is why I don’t own a cell phone and don’t plan on getting one ever. I don’t even like it when other people own one ’cause it annoys me when some musical ringtone goes off and yep, it’s the cell phone ringing.

I kind of miss the old days when there were no cell phones and no internet.


Report: Fleetwood Mac returns to the road, and will make a stop to Albany, N.Y.!!!

Fleetwood Mac is returning to the road in the Spring of ’09. For now the band has dates that run through March, but they are expected to book more dates throughout the entire summer as well. This is considered a Greatest Hits tour called, the “Unleashed” tour. Lindsey Buckingham, Stevie Nicks and the rest of the gang will come to the Capital District in Albany, N.Y. on March 17th at the Times Union Center.

See the article here at Billboard for the tour listing:


I am a fan of Fleetwood Mac but I wouldn’t see them live though, tickets would probably be pretty pricey. I don’t go to national concerts anymore anyways.


Report: Fleetwood Mac to reunite?

Fleetwood Mac are in talks of reuniting for a tour and Lindsey Buckingham the guitarist for the band says there is an album on the way too. There were rumours about Sheryl Crow joining in on vocals for the band for their tour but Lindsey denied it by saying, “Sheryl Crow joining just lost it’s momentum”.

NME.com reports:


I’ve always enjoyed Fleetwood Mac. Their old stuff is better of course. Glad they got a new album in the works finally.


Report: Sheryl Crow to sing for Fleetwood Mac…

Sheryl Crow just announced she will be singing the lead vocals to a few songs with the legendary classic rock band, Fleetwood Mac, and Crow will be touring with the band also. Crow didn’t give a date on when she’ll start touring with Fleetwood Mac but it could happen sometime this year. Crow says she wants to sing for the Fleetwood Mac songs “The Chain” and “Second Hand News”. Crow says she’s a huge fan of Stevie Nicks and idolized her for years.


While I prefer Sheryl touring for her new album “Detours”, not touring with Fleetwood Mac, this is pretty cool I guess. Looking forward to hearing what Sheryl sounds like singing with Fleetwood Mac.