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Brock wishes Sheryl Crow well, a singer/songwriter who I always admired and respected…

The sad news broke out today, that singer/songwriter, Sheryl Crow, has been diagnosed with, benign brain tumor. I don’t know much about it, but it’s probably not life threatening, and could be treated. Sheryl had problems before, as she was treated with breast cancer in the past. The reason I respect her so much is that she has it all and she has done it in all in the entertainment business. She’s a singer/songwriter, producer, and actress. Plus, she has the full package. She’s a beautiful woman, she plays the guitar and sings for real. She did all of her music herself over the years. She’s the real deal. A true pop music diva! Her music career could be over because of this.

Here’s a few of my favorite songs of hers below.


Cool Video’s: Hear some new songs from William Shatner’s “Seeking Major Tom” here…

William Shatner’s new spoken word album, “Seeking Major Tom” is out now and hear a few tracks including an official music video of his cover, “Bohemian Rhapsody”. I do plan to buy this album soon, ’cause I enjoy Shatner’s spoken word stuff. He’s very talented at that. “Seeking Major Tom” is a two disc album, full of rock n’ roll covers.

Enjoy a few tracks from his new album in the videos below. They rock. I love ’em!


Report: Sheryl Crow to release Christmas album this year…

Sheryl Crow just finished recording a Christmas album for Hallmark’s record label, she recorded the album with producer Bill Bottrell. Read her interview with Billboard about what she says for the album. She doesn’t say if she writes her own original Christmas music, but it looks like it will be all traditionals.

Billboard reports:


A 60’s and 70’s style Christmas album? Interesting. Sounds like she’s going for an oldies feel with today’s current pop sound.

I’m a fan of Sheryl Crow. She maybe pop music, but she’s one of the very few pop rock artists I enjoy, at least she writes her own music and plays her own instruments. She writes fantastic songs, I dig her.


Report: Sheryl Crow to sing for Fleetwood Mac…

Sheryl Crow just announced she will be singing the lead vocals to a few songs with the legendary classic rock band, Fleetwood Mac, and Crow will be touring with the band also. Crow didn’t give a date on when she’ll start touring with Fleetwood Mac but it could happen sometime this year. Crow says she wants to sing for the Fleetwood Mac songs “The Chain” and “Second Hand News”. Crow says she’s a huge fan of Stevie Nicks and idolized her for years.


While I prefer Sheryl touring for her new album “Detours”, not touring with Fleetwood Mac, this is pretty cool I guess. Looking forward to hearing what Sheryl sounds like singing with Fleetwood Mac.