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Cool Video’s: Hear some new songs from William Shatner’s “Seeking Major Tom” here…

William Shatner’s new spoken word album, “Seeking Major Tom” is out now and hear a few tracks including an official music video of his cover, “Bohemian Rhapsody”. I do plan to buy this album soon, ’cause I enjoy Shatner’s spoken word stuff. He’s very talented at that. “Seeking Major Tom” is a two disc album, full of rock n’ roll covers.

Enjoy a few tracks from his new album in the videos below. They rock. I love ’em!


Cool Video: See William Shatner record vocals for Sabbath’s “Iron Man” in the studio…

Here’s a funny video of William Shatner recording spoken-word vocals for Sabbath’s, “Iron Man”. As some of you might already know the guitar parts were recorded by, Zakk Wylde.

Many would find Shatner singing pretty bad, but in reality, he’s not really singing. He’s still doing the spoken word thing. That’s how he has always done his cover songs. He does them the spoken word versions.

If you think Shatner is bad, everybody probably thought Ozzy was the worst when he first sung this song in the studio with Black Sabbath back in the day. Black Sabbath songs maybe good but Ozzy was never the greatest singer. He never had a powerful vocal range, it almost seems like Ozzy does the spoken word thing too. Ozzy admitted he never had vocal training.

William Shatner is set to release his new album, “Seeking Major Tom“, Oct. 11. It will be a double disc album full of covers of rock n’ roll songs of all time.

Enjoy the video below.