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Report: Will Smith named the most richest actor in the world…

While Will Smith may not look like a rich man, he truly is. Will Smith may walk around public hardily ever wearing suits or expensive tuxedos, he just wears normal and casual clothing like all of us. He never rides in expensive limos, he just drives regular cars like all of us. He’s just a normal person that he don’t have to look like a rich person, he’s just being himself like he’s always been his whole life.

Forbes compiled a list of Hollywood actors who make the most money from the movies they make, of course, it’s no surprise to me that Will Smith tops them all. Johnny Depp comes second and Eddie Murphy comes third.

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Of course, Will Smith is the richest actor in the world. That is no surprise. The Big Willie style made hit after hit, pretty much all of his movies are hits. I don’t think he ever made a film that bombed once. He’s pretty smart and intelligent at choosing the right films that fits him.

While his acting inĀ films is okay, he is an entertaining actor and that’s what he’s in it for, he’s an entertainer. I’m sure he’s still getting checks from “Fresh Prince of Bel Air”.