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Trump knows politics isn’t all black and white, so refreshing to finally have a president who don’t take sides…

Trump rips the Freedom Caucus who is the most conservative group in the House of Reps. Trump calls them out on twitter and bashed them for helping to block the replacement health care bill.


While the Freedom Caucus is a conservative group, this upset some conservatives through social networking. Some conservatives through social networking are disappointed with Trump for that.

Keep in mind, this wasn’t the first time that Trump called out conservatives and Republicans. He has done that many times in the past. Trump knows that politics isn’t all that black and white. This is a guy who doesn’t take sides at all and calls things for what they are on both sides of the spectrum.

I don’t know about you but I’m so tired of presidents taking sides of what political party they belong to. For 8 years we had to put up with Obama siding with Democrats and hating everything Republican. Trump is not that. Trump is a guy who speaks for himself and not for a certain side. I like that. Politics isn’t a black and white world. When will people realize that?