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Was Gen. Kelly & Trump right to fire Anthony Scaramucci aka the Mooch? No, I disapprove of it and here’s why…

Some of you probably wanna know my thoughts about this story going on in the White House, well here ya go…

For once, I disagree with Trump’s actions on something. Gen. Kelly and Trump both agreeing to fire Anthony Scaramucci aka the Mooch who was gonna be the new White House Comms director but sadly the Mooch’s career as comms director was short-lived. Only lasted for several days, unfortunately.

For once, the Trump administration did something that I disagree with. I really liked the Mooch a lot. I watched that one press briefing he did at the White House and I immediately liked him. Why? Anthony aka the Mooch is a very-well spoken guy. Really, the guy is a great speaker and one of the main reasons why I liked him a lot ’cause he was one guy who is not afraid of brutal truth. Sean Spicer was too nice to reporters and Mooch wasn’t afraid to get all over them. On top of all this, the Mooch is definitely a big time “alpha male”. He’s a confident, fearless and dominate guy much like Trump. A guy who isn’t afraid to lead.

As soon as Mooch was confirmed as new White House comms, he got popular pretty quick. He was quickly becoming just as big as Trump and already getting a lot of recognition.

I disagree with Trump and Gen. Kelly firing Mooch from the White House ’cause I thought that it was pretty heroic of Mooch trying to stop all the leaks in the White House. That’s all he was doing really. Mooch was the only guy in the White House who had Trump’s back 100%. Mooch warned Trump about Reince Priebus about leaking stuff and all that and Priebus got fired by Trump all of a sudden. Shortly after, now Mooch gets fired.

For what, though? Sarah Huckabee Sanders the new Press Secretary said Mooch said some inappropriate things in Trump’s admin and she was probably referring to Mooch’s comments in this article…


Mooch saying vulgar things like “suck my own cock” and dropping the fuck word. To me, it’s understandable how Mooch went on a vulgar rant ’cause he was upset with all the leaks going on in the White House and all he wanted to do was to stop it all. That’s why he wanted Reince Priebus gone. Mooch succeeded in ousting Priebus which was a heroic thing and now Mooch gets fired after? Really?

Trump claims Mooch got fired ’cause he was saying inappropriate things about Reince Priebus and others in the admin.but I don’t believe it. I believe Mooch got fired ’cause he was too much of an alpha male and was gaining popularity quickly.

I’m not alone that I think this firing was unfair for Mooch; other Trump supporters are with me on this too I see.

If you look at Mike Cernovich’s twitter, he says all the leaks going on  are coming from the interns working in the White House. Cernovich claims Jared Kushner blocked pro Trump interns in the White House and now they’re recording conversations and leaking them to the press in retaliation which makes a whole lot of sense really.

Mooch is a hero really ’cause all he was doing was trying to stop the corruption in the White House… Mooch was trying to “drain the swamp”.

I thought the firing was wrong and unfair. I’m still on the Trump Train, though, just gotta be real. I’m not one of those that’ll kiss Trump’s ass on everything like I’ve been accused of ’cause I have disagreed with him on things before. A lot of Trump supporters will not admit this was wrong ’cause they’re so one-sided and they’ll stick with him on everything no matter what. I’m not like that, though.

From this point on, whenever Trump says or does things I disagree with, I’m gonna say it. I think it’s time, ya know? I’m not a big fan of Gen. Kelly either… the guy’s on a power trip and that’s what it’s all about.

Remember now, I’m still on the Trump Train… I love Trump but it’s a good thing to finally be real on him. I feel kind of bad for Mooch, though… seeing that he sold his company SkyBridge Capital so he can go for the White House job, went through a divorce and now he loses his White House job. A shame.

Ah well, the Mooch didn’t deserve all this. I thought he was freakin’ awesome and thought he did a great job in that one press briefing he did. I was impressed. I’m even more impressed that he was trying to drain the swamp in the White House. He got Reince Priebus out so I’m thankful for that. We’ve been trying to warn Trump about Priebus for a long time. Priebus is corrupt to the core and glad he’s finally gone. I believe that Priebus only accepted the Chief of Staff position to take down the Trump presidency. All these leaks coming from the White House, we all believe Reince Priebus was the leaker. All those leaks about this Russia/Trump collusion and leaks about other things. The leaks about those Donald Trump Jr. e-mails, I’m sure Don Jr. was a victim of Reince Priebus. Once again, Priebus only accepted the job hoping to destroy Trump and Priebus pretends to be a Trump supporter so don’t trust him, y’all.

Thank you Mooch, you did a good thing for the American people!!! Mooch was just trying to save the president’s ass and that was all! So there’s my rant about all this.