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Is Bruce Willis the most overrated actor ever? I would think so…

Alright, I think I’m about tired of seeing Bruce Willis, in almost every movie trailer I see. It seems that the guy is every where lately. I’m not really a big fan of his acting, and I don’t think he makes a good action hero.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVED HIM in the first “Die Hard”, but that’s probably about the best movie he was in. I also liked him in, “The Sixth Sense”, “Unbreakable”, “Pulp Fiction”, “Twelve Monkeys”, and “The Fifth Element”.

Other than that, the rest of his films hasn’t been that interesting to me. Seems like Hollywood is trying to shove Bruce in our faces lately. His next couple of movies are, “The Expendables 2”, “G.I. Joe 2”, and “Looper”. The guy comes out with at least 2 or 3 movies a year.

He is a work horse, indeed, but I’m getting tired of seeing him. He is not the badass anymore that he once was. He showed the badass part of him in the first “Die Hard” movie. His badass personality doesn’t work with his other characters. His other characters can’t top, John McClane.


Cool Video: “G.I. Joe” teaser trailer leaks the internets early before the Superbowl!!!

Finally, we have a teaser trailer for, “GI Joe: Rise of Cobra”. It was originally supposed to exclusively debut during the Superbowl commercials but ComingSoon website picked it up early.

Check it out here:


Oh my! This film looks fuckin’ sweet! I can’t wait to see this now. Snake Eyes will be badass, The Baroness looking sexy.

I’m definitely looking forward to this film.


Report: G.I. Joe director, Stephen Sommers, denies Sienna Miller’s boobs are fake in the film…

Director Stephen Sommers who helmed the new “G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra” movie, speaks out about actress Sienna Miller who plays the Baroness in the film. He denies that her big breasts shown in the rubber suit above are fake and enchanced that she was accused of. He admits that he has a fetish for women with big breasts (as do I myself, I too love big breasted women), so he knows that what you see there is a 100% real.

He also says that the new James Bond movies with Daniel Craig are becoming more like the Jason Bourne movies (which I agree with).  He also explains that the new “G.I. Joe” film he made is inspired from older action movies he grew up with in the past. “G.I. Joe” promises to be a fun action packed ride.

More on it here:


Looking forward to the film. I collected most all the G.I. Joe action figures and watched the cartoon series when I was a child, so I have to see this flick in theater. I hope  it don’t dissapoint and hope it will be an exciting flick.