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Report: Harrison Ford finally responds to Star Wars 7, says he’s looking forward to it but not in the bag yet…

Harrison has been silent on Star Wars 7 involvement ever since Disney announced they bought Lucasfilm and moving forward with three more Star Wars flicks, but Harrison himself finally speaks out about it. It was a brief statement. Even though, he finally confirms that he’s interested and maybe involved, it’s still not a confirmation.

I think Harrison has already been secretly hired and already signed for the role, he’s just not allowed to talk about it until Lucasfilm makes the announcement themselves. He just gave us a small hint that he maybe in it. I think he definitely will be reprising his role as Han Solo. It sure is going to be interesting to see JJ and Harrison work together.

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Where was Harrison Ford while the internet blew up with rumors that he may return to Star Wars???


Yep, there is Harrison with his wife Calista, and their son, vacationing in Rio De Janeiro in, Brazil. Maybe that’s why Harrison himself couldn’t comment on whether or not he’s reprising his role as Han Solo in Star Wars 7? I’m sure Harrison will say something about it soon, though, when the press will start bugging him about it. I think Harrison will start talking about the Star Wars return in interviews when he starts promoting his next movie, “Ender’s Game”.

Despite his age though, Harrison is STILL gonna look great as Han Solo, and I’m sure he still has what it takes to play the role again just fine. We will still get the same Han Solo, we always had. When he returns to Star Wars, he won’t disappoint us, I’m sure, and he’ll make it so that his age is unimportant. We’re still gonna get that likeable wisecracking smuggler!!!

He’ll do fine in his Han Solo, return! 😉


Harrison Ford, rumored to return as Han Solo for Episode VII…

Rumors hit hard on the internet today, that Harrison Ford has signed on to reprise his role as Han Solo for Episode 7. It wouldn’t surprise me if it turned out to be true, because every time Lucasfilm/Disney wants to announce news, the internet leaks it earlier, and then Lucasfilm/Disney will confirm the news themselves. That’s exactly what happened when it was announced that Disney bought Lucasfilm and JJ Abrams was going direct it. Can the internet give them a break and let them give the news first for once? LOL! Technology, gotta love it!

If it’s true that Harrison officially signed on, that’s good. I’m all for him coming back ’cause it isn’t Star Wars without Han Solo.

Yes, he is too old but in Star Wars age doesn’t make a difference. Sir Alec Guinness was about that age when he played Obi Wan in the first movie, nobody complained about his age back then. The same with Liam Neeson as Qui Con Jinn and Christopher Lee as Count Dooku.

It may seem silly to have Harrison coming back, but we need him if they are going to continue after Jedi. He maybe old yes, but I’m sure the writers have found something for Han Solo, so his story won’t sound creepy and weird. Maybe the new Han Solo for Episode 7 can have a similar character like what Obi Wan did in “A New Hope”. Han Solo can simply be a mentor for somebody. Maybe Han and Leia has a family together now. They have children now and Luke can train them to be Jedi’s.

I’m sure Harrison is still capable of doing action scenes just fine. Give him a break.


Thought: Why a stand alone Han Solo movie, deserves to be told…

I know a lot of Star Wars geeks are probably pissed off at Disney for confirming a Han Solo standalone movie, but I think that story deserves to be told for a lot of reasons. They didn’t just green  light a Han Solo standalone for no reason, folks. It’s not just for money and hyping up Star Wars, I think a back story for Han Solo deserves to be told. Why?

Well for starters, we need to know more details of why Han became a smuggler and all that stuff. We need to know more details on his past with Jabba the Hut, on why he associated with him, in which Episodes “IV, V, and VI”, never did. What about Han’s friendship with Lando Calrissian? How did he get together with Chewbacca? What about Han’s childhood?

Doing a little research on Han’s childhood, he was born on the planet, Corellia, and he was an orphan, so he had no parents. Instead, he was raised by a criminal named Garis Shrike, which could probably explain why Han became a smuggler. I would think the movie would tell that story. According to the info, Han got the Millenium Falcon from Lando by winning a card game. So I would think that scene would be in the film too.

Lando, will probably be a huge part of the movie, so he will be played by a younger actor. That’s about all I’ve read about Han’s past, but I’m sure the writers will add a lot more material. Did Han have a lover growing up before he met Leia? Who knows. They’ll probably get Han involved in a love interest, wouldn’t surprise me.

I think a Han Solo, stand alone would be pretty cool, if made right. So hopefully they do a good job with this one too. I also hope they pick a good actor to play him. There’s no way Harrison Ford could have a cameo in this, but he would probably reprise his role as Han Solo for Episodes “7, 8, and 9”, though.


Report: Harrison Ford wants in for “Star Wars 7” as Han Solo???

We haven’t heard from the original cast on whether or not they want back in on the new Star Wars movie, but it looks like Harrison Ford was quick to respond first. Sources close to Harrison, was said that he might be interested in reprising his famous role, as Han Solo. Will we see an aging, Han Solo, back in his trademark white shirt and black vest? Sounds like Harrison wants more than just a cameo, he wants back in on the leading role for the next three films.

Read the full story, here.

Harrison maybe 70, but the dude is still doing action movies. He did a lot of his own action stunts in, “Cowboys & Aliens”. I can see Harrison, coming back. It’ll be great to see him and Chewbacca, back. The Millennium Falcon too!

It’s no surprise to me that Harrison would be the first cast member to respond. Han Solo should come back. The whole gang should reunite for a new trilogy. It would be amazing if the original cast came back. If they did, I would definitely see it in theater for sure.