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Totally agree with this tweet by Mark Dice, about the Jill Stein recount…

In reality, I really believe Trump swept every state if it wasn’t for all that voter fraud going around.

There’s no way Hillary won New York State. Most of that state was red. New York State claims that it was NYC that helped Hillary win which is a bullshit lie. All those votes in NYC is not good enough to help a candidate win that state when most of it is red. New York State rigged that election for sure. No doubt about it. Cheaters.


If Dems want to challenge Trump on the recount, Trump should challenge them on the recount too.

No surprise to see that Hillary is still trying to steal election. Can’t stand that cunt. Wish she would go away.



No matter how many recounts they do, they will always show that Trump won…

It’s time to give it up, liberals. Recounting the election will be pointless and a waste of time because all it’s gonna do is that the recounts will show that Trump won each time. There’s no freakin’ way that Hillary won by popular vote now that Trump won Michigan officially. Trump won. He is our next president. It’s over and done with. Now get over it and stop crying.

Jill Stein is a bitch. Her demanding recount and willing to pay millions for it just goes to show that she was all for HIllary all along. You thought Jill was just an option? Haha! Well, you thought wrong.


Man, I wish Trump ran for president back in 2012 and we would have gotten rid of Obama even earlier!