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Report: About Stallone making a movie about John Gotti, it’s true!!!

TMZ posted a video of Sly going to dinner with John Gotti Jr., the son of the famous, “The Dapper Don”. Gotti Jr. confirms the movie IS in the works and the script is being written too. When Sly finally arrived at the restaurant, Sly was pretty much tight lipped and kept his mouth shut everytime questions were asked about the movie. Except Sly did confirm at the end of the video, he is planning to play John Gotti Sr., and has been wanting to do this for years.

See the video here:


The question is, how much will Sly play John Gotti in the film? Will it be throughout the entire movie or just a small role?

It seems that Sly is no fan of TMZ, it seemed he was in no mood to talk to them. Gotti Jr. seems like a real friendly guy though.

I’m pretty sure Sly will speak to the movie industry about this movie very soon since TMZ was the first to leak the news. I’m looking forward to hearing more!