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Thought: In defense of Stallone’s “John Gotti” biopic…

This movie that Sly and Junior Gotti is planning is getting a lot of negative critique by reader comments in other film blogs. No surprise to me, ’cause Sly Stallone always gets mixed opinions with his movies. I’m going to take some time to defend this movie.

You see, I know Sylvester Stallone has acting talent. It’s very rare that he brings out his acting talent. The only two films that he showed his true acting talent were the first “Rocky” and the movie “Cop Land”, which were his two best performances. He just does action films for entertainment instead of showing his acting talent if you know what I mean by that. With this “Dapper Don” film he has planned, I really think this will be Sly’s third chance to bring out his acting talent again. If Sly does a good job with this movie, he could possibly land himself in the Oscars again (the first Rocky won best picture). Maybe even get nominated for Best Actor, Best Director or Best writer, who knows. I just want Sly to pick the right movie where he can show his true acting talent again. I think the John Gotti movie is the right choice. Also, I don’t think this John Gotti movie is going to be an action film. Looks like it’s going to be a mob drama. Kind of like the Godfather, the Departed, Scarface, etc.

I’m a really huge fan of mobster flicks. I FUCKING LOVE THEM! I’m glad Sly is finally doing one. You ask, why does it have to be John Gotti when it should be Al Capone instead? Do we really need another Al Capone movie? There are hundreds of Al Capone movies out there and I don’t think we need another one. On top of that, Sly already starred in an Al Capone movie, called, “Capone” made back in 1975.


Honestly, John Gotti hasn’t had a biopic film yet, and I think he deserves one. I think his story needs to be told and Sylvester Stallone deserves to be in charge ’cause both men are very similar in a haunting way.

Sly is no stranger to mobster flicks, yes, he’s done them before. Remember, the movie “Shade”? Where he plays the Dean? That’s a mobster movie.


The John Gotti biopic also looks like it’s going to be a sad movie as well. Gotti died in prison with cancer, so think how Sly can play an emotional death scene playing the character. John Gotti Sr. was a mob boss that actually had a pretty large fan following. Again, it’s kind of similar to Sly. The Gotti biopic will be a pretty large casting, ’cause they need to find actors for the Gambino family. They need to find someone for Junior Gotti too.

Also, they would need someone to play Paul Castellano ’cause he was a big part of the Gambino family…


Yeah, I can see the “Gotti” biopic, being a serious drama if you know “The Dapper Don” history well. It could be a very intense movie. Sly has done action flicks for most of his career. I think he wants to do something a little different and something more serious this time. Yes, Gotti maybe a crazy psychotic madman, but if you knew how he committed his crimes, he only killed people that deserved to die. He never killed the innocent. That is why he was considered a hero and why he grew a “fan” following back in those days.

I support Sly 100% toward this project and I can’t wait for Sly to reveal more stuff about this movie in the future. Give Sly a chance with this one, ’cause I truly think he’ll show his acting, directing and writing talent with this movie all the way.