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Paul Feig shows off the new Ecto-1 car for all-female “Ghostbusters”…

Here’s what Melissa, Kate, Kristen and Leslie will be riding in. The new Ecto-1. Look like they’re keeping the Ecto-1 name after all.

Anyway, Paul Feig knows about all the negative criticism toward his “Ghostbusters” movie. He’s taking it all like a man and he likes hearing it all. Paul finally responds to the negative criticism toward this movie and he doesn’t seem to mind…


Paul Feig reveals new “Ghostbusters” uniforms that the women will be wearing…

So this is the new uniform that Melissa, Kristen, Kate and Leslie will be wearing for the upcoming “Ghostbusters” film. They definitely look different than the original uniforms. Some people would wonder why Melissa’s uniform is so small due to her weight but seeing Melissa on the set of “Ghostbusters” looks like she lost some weight for the role so I’m sure she’ll fit in it just fine.

Here’s Melissa on set:

She definitely lost some weight so she must be working out and eating right. Getting prepared for the role.

I’m sure they’ll show us what the women will look like wearing the uniforms soon and hope they’ll show us the new proton packs.

All the movie fans maybe giving this movie negative criticism this soon but never know, maybe the movie will turn out enjoyable after all. I’m pretty sure we’ll get a teaser soon. The teaser will probably get shown at San Diego Comic Con, I would think.


A few set photos of all-female “Ghostbusters” released…

What is that new Ghostbusters gadget that Melissa McCarthy is holding? Looks like a new ghost trap to me.

It’s already looking kind of interesting, actually. Despite the negative feedback it’s mostly getting. I’m willing to give it a chance. When we get our first teaser trailer of this movie, I’ll make a decision on whether or not I should see it in theater. I’m sure we’ll get our first trailer pretty soon. They’re probably getting prepared for San Diego Comic Con this year so they can reveal some footage and clips there so that’s probably why they scheduled filming early.


Report: First Kristen Wiig, now Andy Samberg leaves SNL…

Wow, all these stars are leaving SNL like crazy. First Kristen Wiig left, and now Andy Samberg is leaving. It’s no surprise to me that Andy could be leaving soon ’cause he is getting too big to be on SNL anyway. We won’t be missing him though ’cause I’m sure Andy is planning to start a full time movie career. When SNL stars leave the show, pretty much all of them move on to movies or they star in their own shows.

Tina Fey left SNL to do “30 Rock”, and Amy Poehler left to do “Parks & Recreation”. Could Andy do his own sitcom and do movies too? Probably.

Who will leave SNL next? Bill Hader? Seth Myers? I’m still not much of a fan of today’s SNL. I only watch if there’s a good host or musical guest is on. I was mostly into the earlier SNL when Adam Sandler, Chris Farley, Kevin Nealon, and all those guys were around. The earlier days of SNL were great!