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Thought: I am angry at Activision too, aw man, they totally ruined Kurt, big time…

The reason Courtney Love, Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic is not happy about the use of Kurt Cobain for “Guitar Hero 5”, is not that they put him in the game without their permission. Courtney agreed to put Kurt in the game in the first place, she gave them permission. She gave them permission for Kurt to sing Nirvana songs for the game. She didn’t give them permission to use Kurt to sing songs by other artists.

This is why Courtney, Dave, and Krist are pissed off and on a warpath against Activision about it.

I totally agree with it. It’s totally embarrasing and sickening to have Kurt singing songs by other artists like Bon Jovi, Billy Idol, etc. I’m like, “What the hell is Activision thinking? The company are a bunch of fucking morons”. This is humiliating for Nirvana fans.

I am so glad not getting the game. I too am upset and dissapointed with Activision, and because of this, I will no longer by anymore future released Guitar Hero games.

I will still keep Guitar Hero III, Guitar Hero: Aerosmith and Guitar Hero: Metallica, of course, but I will no longer support Activision. They might ruin the upcoming Van Halen game as well.

This is so wrong having Kurt Cobain, singing songs by other artists, that is not Nirvana. So now you see why they are upset. I can’t blame ’em.

See the video below, this is terrible.


Report: Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic also upset at Kurt Cobain use for “Guitar Hero 5″…

Well, it looks like Courtney Love is not the only one in the music industry upset at Activision with the use of Kurt Cobain for “Guitar Hero 5”. It looks like Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic, the surviving band members of Nirvana, are pretty pissed too.

They aren’t really upset at Kurt Cobain being used for the game, however, they are just pissed that he could be played by other artists by unlocking a secret of the game.

The Associated Press reports:


Wow. Activision better do something fast or they’ll be battling in court with Courtney, Dave, and Krist all at the same time!

I’m glad I’m not getting the game now!


Report: Courtney Love planning to sue Activision for use of Kurt Cobain in “Guitar Hero 5″…

Courtney Love is pissed that Activision put Kurt Cobain in “Guitar Hero 5” and made him look completely different. As you see Kurt Cobain in the picture in this link, he’s much uglier and creepier.

Courtney rants about Guitar Hero franchise on her Twitter page, pretty harsh rants. If you’re brave enough to read that negativity like I can and don’t take it seriously, you’d find it entertaining.

I am kind of losing interest in the Guitar Hero franchise myself. It started out kind of cool…but it is kind of ruining the music industry.

More on it here:


I for one agree with Courtney that Activision didn’t even get Kurt right. If you see Nirvana’s earlier performances of “Smells Like Teen Spirit”, Kurt doesn’t look up to the mic and his hair is almost always covered his face when he plays guitar. Plus, when Kurt played live on stage, he doesn’t stand there like a zombie like Guitar Hero did. Kurt moved around on stage like crazy.

This is the reason it made me not want to get “Guitar Hero 5” and changed my mind about getting the game.

I hope Courtney wins this suit, I’m actually glad she’s doing this. Guitar Hero ruined Kurt, he’s gotta be rolling in his grave.


Report: Kurt Cobain added as a character in Guitar Hero 5…

Shirley Manson and Johnny Cash will be as characters in “Guitar Hero 5”, now Kurt Cobain will be playable. Krist Novoselic and Dave Grohl won’t be feautured, just Kurt alone, I guess.

More on it here:


They need to add Dave Mustaine as a playable character, also adding Carlos Santana and Tom Petty as characters would also be totally cool.


Report: Krist Novoselic announces, no more unreleased Nirvana music…

Krist Novoselic, the former Nirvana bassist, announced the shocking news, that he and Dave Grohl will no longer release unreleased Nirvana songs. The song “You Know You’re Right”, will be the final unreleased track. Of course, we’re all sure the band wrote tons of songs that they didn’t release for their albums, they will only be kept for themselves, not for the public.

Courtney Love have been feuding with Krist and Dave for years over the rights of releasing Nirvana songs. Krist reveals that the surviving members of Nirvana has buried the hatchet with Courtney Love and now in good terms with her.

Krist discussed more of Nirvana’s history with the Legacy Project.

More on it here:


That’s a good thing the band is doing. Keeping the band’s legacy to themselves and keeping Cobain’s wishes is a pretty smart thing to do. I actually don’t like it when the music industry releases unreleased tracks of dead musicians. Like Jimi Hendrix or Bob Marley for example, they shouldn’t release their unreleased material. Keep them hidden and kept secret. Don’t ruin their legacy.


Report: Krist Novaselic of Nirvana finally explains the bass throwing controversy at the 1992 MTV Music Video Awards on his blog after all these years!!!

Krist Novaselic, the former bass player of Nirvana looks back at the Nirvana performance taken place at the 1992 MTV Music Video Awards. He finally explains the secrets behind that performance 16 years later.

He says, while Nirvana was waiting backstage for their performance that night, Krist explains that Axl Rose was being a dick to Kurt and Courtney, when Courtney tried to praise Axl for Guns N’ Roses by saying “Axl, you’re the godfather”, Axl ignored them and walked off like if he didn’t care if Kurt and Courtney were fans of Gn’r.

When it was time for Nirvana to finally hit the stage, Kurt badily wanted to play “Rape Me” off the “In Utero” album. The MTV officials weren’t liking the idea and wouldn’t let the band play the song, so the band decided to play “Lithium” instead. Remember that performance when Kurt started playing chords to “Rape Me”, then they kicked off to “Lithium”? Many people assumed that was a mistake. That’s the trick, it wasn’t a mistake, it was a prank played by the band. A little joke.

Krist then explains, the reason Krist threw the bass in the air was not because it would be cool for the performance. He did it because he was angry and frustrated that he couldn’t hear his bass while playing the song. When the bass came down and landed on his head, he was actually faking it and pretended to be knocked out when he landed on the floor. Krist was fine when it happened although he did have a little blood coming down his forehead.

Read the rest of this interesting story here:


I miss the old days of the classic MTV Video Awards during the 90’s. That’s when the MTV Video Awards were really good back in those days. Today’s MTV Video Awards are obviously crap. It’s good to see Krist open up more about the Nirvana past. I enjoy hearing old Nirvana stories from Krist and Dave Grohl.

Kurt Cobain would be proud for Dave for the Foo Fighters.


The Rumour Mill: Kurt Cobain’s ashes stolen from Courtney’s home…

Sources are saying that Kurt Cobain’s cremated remains were stolen from Courtney Love’s home after burglars broke into her home, also stealing jewelry and clothes. Courtney is going crazy and suicidal since.

News of the Wold reports:


I’m having a hard time buying this. The “News of the World” is a tabloid newspaper in the UK so don’t believe everything you read there.

If it’s true, it’s Courtney’s fault they were stolen, it’s her responsibility to keep them locked up and safe where the burglars won’t be able to get a hold of them.