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Report: “Road to Perdition” sequel on it’s way???

Back in 2008, it was revealed that a sequel to the 2002 mobster film, “Road to Perdition” is in the works. The sequel will be titled, the “Road to Purgatory”. Max Allan Collins wrote the script and it was already turned in, but it seems that he is no longer attached to direct.

The story to the sequel will focus on the son of Michael Collins returning from WWII to avenge the death of his father. The first one starred: Tom Hanks, Jude Law, Paul Newman, and Daniel Craig.

Movieweb reports:


The question is, would Tom Hanks return as the lead? Well, he obviously can’t because….”spoilers below”…

SPOILERS from the original “Road to Perdition”

Hanks character, Michael Sullivan Sr., was gunned down at the beach house at the end of the movie.


Maybe Tom Hanks can return but in a different form. If they can use Michael Sullivan Sr. flashbacks with Tom Hanks playing the character still, or maybe Hanks can do narrated voice overs.

I would also like to see Sam Mendes return to direct the sequel, hopefully he’ll be up for it.


Report: “Road To Perdition” trilogy in the works…

There will be two more sequels coming from the 2002 drama film “Road to Perdition” that starred Tom Hanks, the first film being directed by Sam Mendes. “Road to Perdition” is about a young boy who lives with his family during the 1930’s, and he finds out what his father Michael Sullivan Sr. (Hanks) does for a living, he works for organized crime known as the mob.

Max Allan Collins is confirmed to write and direct the next two sequels to make the “Perdition” film into a full trilogy. The next sequel will be titled “Road to Purgatory” which will leave off from the first film, Michael Sullivan Jr. returns home from World War II and seeks revenge for the murder of his father. The third film will be titled “Road to Paradise” but this article didn’t reveal plot ideas for the third one though.

More on it here:


“Road To Perdition” starring Tom Hanks is one of my favorite films, I love that film to death but is a trilogy really necessary? I don’t know. Depends on how good the story is and who the casting is going to be and then I’ll decide if a full trilogy is worth it.