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Seriously, who cares about Michael Douglas’s sex life?

Really, why is it that every time Michael Douglas admits to something in his sex life… it blows up all over the internet? First, it was Michael admitting to using viagra in order to keep pleasing Catherine Zeta-Jones and now he’s claiming he somehow got the throat cancer by eating her pussy a bit way too much. I’m sure that’s not what he really meant or he might of been joking around, I don’t know. While I understand that people find this stuff entertaining and funny — people really need to focus on his talent in acting. He’s one of the most talented actors in the movie business. He’s one of my favorites, anyway. He’s been in so many good movies over the years… some of my favorites of his are: “Basic Instinct”, “Wall Street” (first one only), “The American President”, “Black Rain”, “The Game”, “The War of the Roses”, and “Traffic”.

I have not seen the Liberace movie on HBO and have no interest in seeing that movie at all; no offense to homosexuality — those are the type of stuff I would stay away from. Not my thing.

Yeah, it does seem like he’s a sex addict but who cares? A lot of people are. People can do all that stuff all they want to but I’ll admit that sex can be pretty risky especially without protection, admittedly. Michael may be a big time sex addict but he’s faithful to his wife, Catherine, so he does it to one woman only. Catherine Zeta-Jones is a hot woman, though, you can’t deny that at all.

Some of you would probably be wondering about my thoughts on the Michael Douglas thing, well, I thought I would do it now to get it out of the way before someone asks me about my thoughts. He is a wonderful actor and one of the best around. He can play any character that throws at him and he can play every genre well from drama to thrillers to action movies to comedy. I admired his acting and watched his movies for years. He does seem like a good guy off camera, though… even though, I’ve never met him, he seems like a cool guy to talk to.


Edit to add: Oh man, how can I forget his movie, “Falling Down”? That was a badass movie too! D-Fens was one of his best characters!!

BREAKING NEWS: Catherine Zeta Jones turns herself in for treatment on bipolar disorder…

This is pretty shocking. Actress Catherine Zeta Jones and the wife of actor, Michael Douglas, turns herself into a mental health treatment center for bipolar disorder.

TMZ, reports.

Catherine always seems like a good person and a normal woman. This is weird. Michael Douglas wasn’t enough to help her? I’m pretty sure he tried to help her, but if she turned herself in, then there must be something wrong. I hope her problems aren’t as serious and I wish her well. She is a talented actress, I’m a fan of her work.


Cool Photo: Michael Douglas, Catherine Zeta Jones and kids goes to Disney World…

What did the Douglas’s do for Thanksgiving? Look like they spent their Holiday at Disney World in Orlando! Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones here posing with Mickey and Minnie along with the kids. That’s cool!!!

If you’re diagnosed with cancer, might as well have all the fun you can get and stay happy and positive as ever ’cause you never know when you’ll hit the death bed. Not everyone stays home for Thanksgiving, some people like to go out and do things.

How cool would it be to hang out at Disney World and then you run into Michael and Catherine? They aren’t hard to recognize. If I was there and saw them walking around, I wouldn’t approach them for an autograph or a photo, I’d just leave them alone. Let them have their fun and peace. The family might have bodyguards with them so they won’t be bothered by people anyways.

He’s looking good though and getting old too.


Report: Michael Douglas admits to using Viagra and Cialis for better sex with his wife, Catherine Zeta Jones…

Michael Douglas admits to using Viagra and Cialis, enchancement drugs for better sex with his young wife and actress, Catherine Zeta Jones. Catherine is 40 and Michael is 65. It’s quite the age difference, yes, but these days age doesn’t make a difference. I have a thing for older women myself. People that are older than you, are more interesting. You can talk to them easier and older folks are better to get along with. So don’t assume it’s always for the sex or the money. It’s mostly the personality thing. Some people prefer not to date someone their age or younger ’cause they end up in bad dating experiences. It’s better being with people that are older. Someone more adult acting and less drama. That’s why couples with age differences are on the rise.



BREAKING NEWS: Frank Langella joins “Wall Street 2”, Shia Labeouf also signs on, Michael Douglas will reprise Gordon Gekko role…

Frank Langella has joined the cast of Oliver Stone’s, “Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps”, Shia LaBeouf also joins….Michael Douglas is confirmed to reprise his iconic role of the mean and greedy, Gordon Gekko…yes…greed is good.

Josh Brolin is reportedly in talks to join the cast.

Variety Reports:


You ready for this ? Think you can take a Gordon Gekko return to the big screen? I’m sure Michael Douglas will bring the really good acting skills with this role.

I don’t want Shia in this, I prefer Charlie Sheen to come back but look like Charlie didn’t want in. Which explains why Shia got signed instead. It would have been awesome if Charlie came back as well!!!


Michael Douglas: Celebrating his 40 years of acting…his 5 best films…

Michael Douglas was  a guest on Jay Leno last night now that Leno is back to work. Michael announced his 40 year Anniversary of working for Hollywood film. He is a great actor and I enjoy his movies. In celebration of the long years of hard work he gave us, I wanted to name 5 of his best work in my opinion, in no particular order, these are my favorites of his:

Falling Down


The War of the Roses

The American President

Wall Street

I know, “Traffic” is not everyone’s favorite movie, I absolutely loved that film, I also think it’s one of Michael’s best performances.

When he stars in “Wall Street 2”, I’m sure Michael will once again floor us with another haunting performance. Could Michael’s performance in “Wall Street 2” as Gordon Gekko get an Oscar nod? It wouldn’t surprise me if it will. I love the Gordon Gekko character and I can’ t wait to see him on the big screen again!!! 


Report: Oliver Stone’s “Wall Street” sequel is greenlighted, Shia LaBeouf and Michael Douglas to star…

Oliver Stone’s hit 80’s movie, “Wall Street” is confirmed to be making a sequel. Shia LaBeouf is set to star, Michael Douglas is in negotations to return.

The first film focused on a young stockbroker trying to get to the top at “Wall Street”, while of course, “Wall Street 2” will focus on the bad economic times that the real “Wall Street” in NYC is having now.

The first movie also starred Charlie Sheen but I wonder if Oliver Stone tried asking Charlie to return, but he refused which is what made Shia to take his place?

I’m glad a sequel is being made, I loved the first movie!

Variety reports:



Report: Michael Douglas and Danny Devito to reunite in “Solitary Man”!!!

Michael Douglas has signed on to star in “Solitary Man” which will be made through Millenium Films. Michael Douglas will star alongside with Danny Devito, this will be the 4th film that Michael Douglas and Danny Devito will star in together as their last film they paired up with was the “War of the Roses” released way back in 1989. “War of the Roses” was directed by Danny Devito himself. The other films they starred in togethr were the “Romancing the Stone” and “The Jewel of the Nile” sequels.

“Solitary Man” will be directed by Brian Koppelman and David Levien. Michael Douglas will play a former car dealership owner, whose career and marriage was destroyed by his business and romantic indiscretions.

Michael Douglas is coming back to play leading roles in films again after a long hiatus from hollywood, he recently signed on to star in “Liberace” biopic which will be directed by Steven Soderbergh.

Variety Reports:


It’s great to see Michael finally making a comeback. He is a great actor, I always enjoyed watching him.

“Falling Down” is one of my favorite films he’s ever done.


Report: Steven Soderbergh to helm “Liberace” biopic starring Michael Douglas…

Film maker Steven Soderbergh is in the early developing stages of setting up a biopic movie about the famed entertainer and pianist “Liberace”, Soberbergh has already confirmed Michael Douglas to play Liberace himself. Michael Douglas will finally make a return to the leading roles after a long hiatus from Hollywood. Over the years he has done small roles for a few other films. Michael Douglas already starred in one of Soderbergh’s earlier films “Traffic” which is about the drug war.

Steven Soderbergh is the director of other films such as the “Oceans Eleven” trilogy, “Erin Brockovich”, and the most recent film he just released, “Che”.

Variety Reports:


It’s good to finally see Michael get a big role again.