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Get well soon goes out to Nick Cannon…

As you all probably know by now, Nick Cannon, host of “America’s Got Talent” and the husband of pop star, Mariah Carey, has been hospitalized with mild kidney failure. No matter how minor it is, it’s still serious. Nick is a pretty funny guy and interesting. I wish him well and speedy recovery. Kind of sad that he might not do, “America’s Got Talent” this year because of this. I was kind of hoping him and Howard Stern would be on at the same time.


Confirmed: Nick Cannon is Jerry Springer’s replacement for “America’s Got Talent”…

It didn’t take long for NBC to find a replacement for Jerry Springer to host, “America’s Got Talent”. Nick Cannon has been confirmed to be the host this year for the talent show. Those who don’t know who he is, he is the current husband of legendary pop star, Mariah Carey.

The Associated Press reports:


Anybody, but Rosie O’ Donnell. Nick Cannon is an ok choice actually, lets see how he does.