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Get well soon goes out to Nick Cannon…

As you all probably know by now, Nick Cannon, host of “America’s Got Talent” and the husband of pop star, Mariah Carey, has been hospitalized with mild kidney failure. No matter how minor it is, it’s still serious. Nick is a pretty funny guy and interesting. I wish him well and speedy recovery. Kind of sad that he might not do, “America’s Got Talent” this year because of this. I was kind of hoping him and Howard Stern would be on at the same time.


Report: Mariah Carey admits she was drunk at People’s Choice Awards…

Mariah Carey, the pop star who won an award for her role in the movie, “Precious” explains her bizarre acceptance speech at the People’s Choice Awards. She admits she was hammered. Before the awards show, she was celebrating her nomination with Lee Daniels and had way too much champagne.

More on it here:


Geez, no wonder she gets all the men she wants. She’s a crazy drunk like everyone else!


Report: Mariah Carey still remains no. 1 on Billboard this week…

Sorry Madonna but Mariah Carey still remains no. 1 on the Billboard this week…


How is Mariah so powerful in the music industry today? Disgraceful!

This has got to be dissapointing for Madonna fans, “Hard Candy” won’t reach no. 1 at all because Mariah will hog it up the next few weeks.


Report: Mariah Carey lights up the Empire State Building…

How in the hell is America supporting this untalented woman? She can’t really sing.

Perez Hilton knows and been paying attention to her:


The Empire State building lit up to pink, purple and white in honor of Mariah Carey this weekend.


Pop singers are all fake, lyp synchers who is all about big boobs and good looks. That’s the only reason they get popular.



Thought: Does Mariah Carey deserve this popularity?

The song “Touch My Body” is an ok song, it ain’t bad, but does it really deserve to beat down Elvis in Billboard? Hell no. This is just proof that people out there have bad taste in music. All people care about recently is “hit radio singles”.

Not with me. I’m not a “hit radio single” type of listener. If you are, then you probably ain’t my type of crowd that I would be hanging out with. No wonder this world can’t get another rock revolution ’cause the world is obsessed with pop music. Rock bands like Korn, Tool, Nickelback, The Velvet Revolver, etc. tried to take over the world for a little bit but failed because this nation is obsessed with pop music.

I never obsess with radio hit singles, I’m not that type of listener, never have and never will be. When I listen to music on CD, I don’t just listen to popular songs that you hear on the radio 50 times a day, I listen to a CD like I’m listening to a whole album. I do love “songs” that are not played on the radio. I listen to a whole album as if I’m listening to one entire song if you know what I mean.


I miss the old days in the 60’s and 70’s, early 90’s when Grunge rock took over, when people weren’t obsessed with radio singles where people would listen to an entire album from start to finish. It ain’t like that anymore. This is why rock music would never get another revolution.


BREAKING NEWS: Madonna and Mariah Carey knock off Elvis Presley in Billboard…


Mariah Carey and Madonna, two pop music divas has changed Billboard history forever. Mariah Carey just moved past Elvis at the no 2. spot with her new single “Touch My Body”. Madonna will be passed by Elvis with her new single “4 Minutes” from her new album “Hard Candy” and the album is not even out yet!!!!!

Billboard Reports:


Holy smokes!

Warner Music Group is crying and begging for Madonna to not leave the label right about now, I bet.

These two divas are taking over the industry big time! These two songs aren’t too bad, I’m actually kind of digging them myself and I am not into this type of music much.