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Hulk Hogan deserves to get respect back and he deserves another chance with WWE, come on Vince!!!


Like everyone else, Hulk Hogan got me into watching professional wrestling; I grew up watching him when I was a kid. As I got older, I lost a lot of respect for the man ’cause I used to believe that he was this big egomaniac who loved to destroy other wrestlers careers and things like that. As years went along, Hulk has been surrounded by a lot of controversy like with the Linda Hogan divorce, the Nick Hogan car crash and next here comes the Gawker sex tape incident.

I used to believe that Hulk Hogan was a piece of shit, but I don’t hate him anymore. Why? Not sure. Guess, I’ve had a change of heart after realizing he really was innocent over all this Gawker stuff. I know I’ve bashed him a lot on my blog but no more.

Whether you love Hulk or hate him, you can’t deny that he really is the Babe Ruth of professional wrestling. Hulk didn’t start the wrestling business, but he definitely did help make it more well-known and famous. Without Hulk, we all wouldn’t have been wrestling fans to begin with; we’re wrestling fans ’cause of him. It’s just sad that his haters will never admit that. There are other professional wrestlers that hate him too, and they don’t realize that they wrestle in the business ’cause of him. There’s no denying that Hulk is a pioneer in wrestling for sure.

Last night on FOX News, I watched the Hulk Hogan special titled,  Objectified, which is a show hosted by TMZ’s Harvey Levin. I’m not a TMZ fan. Never did like them but I thought Harvey Levin did a great job interviewing Hulk Hogan on that show. It was a great show. I enjoyed it a lot. I have even more respect for Hulk now, and he just won my respect back. Like I said, I used to believe that Hulk was this huge egomaniac, but after watching Objectified last night, I was surprised on how humble the man was. Instead of playing innocent victim of his mistakes, he admitted his mistakes and said he wasn’t perfect and all. To those who hate him ’cause of his problems, you need to get over yourselves. Hulk Hogan is human like the rest of us; he showed that he was human on the show last night. All of us are screwed up and messed up in life in some form of another, right? We all go through ups and downs like him.

I’m inspired by Hulk ’cause he keeps going in life despite all the back surgeries he had. I have scoliosis with a metal rod in my back, and Hulk said he has all kinds of metal all over his back too. Despite Hulk’s back issues, he keeps working out in the gym like me. His show last night with Harvey Levin was inspiring. I’ve realized after all these years that Hulk Hogan is actually a very good man. He loves his fans and he’s good with them so why the hate? To all the other wrestlers and fans who hate on him are just bitter and jealous, nothing more. I think other wrestlers who hate on him just wished they had the kind of legacy Hulk has in wrestling.

So does Hulk Hogan deserve another chance in the WWE after being fired ’cause of the Gawker controversy? Absolutely! He does deserve another chance. Vince and Hulk needs to patch things up so Hulk can return to WWE. Hulk deserves one more match. If not to wrestle then Hulk would make a good GM for RAW or Smackdown Live. I remember when Hulk was GM for Impact Wrestling and thought he did a good job. Love him or hate him, Hulk is a legend. You can fire him from WWE, you can take him out of the Hall of Fame, but the one thing you can’t take away is his legacy in the wrestling business. You can’t change history. Hulk had a lot of great matches and a lot of history in wrestling over the years. Admittedly, I grew up watching Hulk  throughout my life.

I definitely would love to go down to Florida, visit his Beach Shop store and hopefully get my chance to meet the man myself ’cause that would be cool. Hulk deserves another chance and forgiveness by WWE and wrestling fans. I believe in “forgive” and “forget” don’t you? I definitely do! Life is too short to hate.