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Cool Video: “Diana” starring Naomi Watts, trailer hits the internets…

“Diana”, the biopic film about the life of the late Princess Diana of Wales starring Naomi Watts — the trailer has been released today. I’ve always been interested in the Princess Diana story. Her history and life is interesting to me. Naomi does a dead-on portrayal of Princess Diana, I must say. This film also has Oscar potential written all over it. This could be the film that could land Naomi her first Oscar. Princess Di may have been a bit crazy sure but no matter what you think of her, she was a pretty powerful and influential woman. It’s a shame what happened to her and she sure didn’t deserve death this soon. This movie looks interesting, and I’ll be there for this one, I think. Count me in.


Report: There’s a Princess Diana biopic on the way and she will be played by Naomi Watts…

There is a Princess Diana movie in the works by a Berlin film maker named, Oliver Hirschbiegel, and actress, Naomi Watts, has been hired to play the Princess of Wales in the film. The name of the film is titled, “Caught in Flight”.

This will be a worldwide release. This film will probably get released in the United States, yes, but I’m sure Berlin will get the premiere first.

The Hollywood Reporter, reports.

Naomi Watts is one of my favorite actresses too. She’s a good match for Princess Diana. I love Princess Diana stories so this should be a good movie. Looking forward to it.


Thought: Why the United States shouldn’t care about the Royal Wedding – Prince William and Princess Kate…

I can understand why this Royal Wedding Friday would be huge for the UK, but the United States should just leave it alone. I just don’t understand the US obsession over it. We have better things to worry about and better things to care about. I’m not trying to be hateful but the US shouldn’t be getting into the personal lives of other countries. This should be the UK’s moment alone. So to me it’s disrespectful to them for the US to be all over it.

When Friday comes, I’m not going to bother watching TV that day because you know for a fact that almost every channel will be airing the Royal Wedding live on the air. The news and the internet will be all over this Friday, all day long. I’m going to try my best to ignore this Royal Wedding bullshit completely. Maybe even try to avoid the internet and TV altogether if that is possible. I’m probably gonna be unsuccessful trying to ignore this Royal Wedding even though if I try to avoid the internet and TV that day because it’s gonna be talked about everywhere I go anyway.

Why should the US focus on something that has nothing to do with us? Why should we have to celebrate people’s weddings when we don’t even know those fucking people? I only celebrate weddings to people that I know well like family or friends if I get invited to one. Again, it’s understandable why this wedding is important and special to the UK, but Americans shouldn’t really give a fuck. Wait until Friday comes, this will be all over the internet, everywhere you click. It’s going to give you a fucking headache.

We got better things to worry about here. The war in Afghanistan is still not over. We have the Donald having this nasty feud with Barack Obama. We have Japan suffering from the earthquake still. Osama Bin Laden and Al Qeada (SP?) are still out there. We can find other things to do than pay attention to this Royal Wedding thing. I’m going to do my best to try and avoid it completely.


Report: Princess Diana unlawfully killed…

The verdict for the inquest of the death of Princess Diana is in. The jury found that the death of the Princess of Wales and her companion/friend Dodi Fayed their cause of death is being blamed on Henri Paul and the paparrazi. They say it was an unlawful killing.

More on the story here…


That’s no surprise. I’ve been pointing my fingers at the U.K. paparrazi at this ever since she was killed.

The paparrazi is sick and a disgrace on this planet.