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“Spotlight” was surprisingly a very good film, watched it on Netflix last night…

I remember last year when the Oscars was around, “Spotlight” won Best Picture last year. Another movie that stars Michael Keaton. I remember being disappointed that “Spotlight” won Best Picture over “The Revenant” movie. After finally seeing the movie “Spotlight” last night on Netflix, I’m now realizing that the Oscars giving “Spotlight” the Best Picture win was the right choice after all. “Spotlight” really was an excellent film. I loved it actually, I might even watch it again later tonight. After you get done watching the movie the first time and you want to give it a second viewing, that’s when you know the film is that damn good.

“Spotlight” is a great story based on a real life thing. The film has a great cast, the writing is surprisingly good and best of all, Michael Keaton kills it with his acting like usual. The cast of this movie is pretty killer: Liev Schreiber, Mark Ruffalo, Stanley Tucci, Billy Crudup, etc.


If you have Netflix, this film is worth a look. I’m definitely gonna get my own copy of the film on BluRay, I think. Turned out to be a great film after all.


Can the Oscars ever leave politics out of everything for once? My god!!!

Last night’s Oscars was predictably the worst Oscars ever. A lot worse than last years. This year’s Oscars was even more political than last year as well. Chris Rock was boring and it was expected that he was gonna call Hollywood racist for not having black nominees. *yawn* There was of course, liberal politics all over last night. Last night’s Oscars was about the “Oscars So White” and race relations mostly. Last night’s Oscars also promoted sexual abuse (thanks to Joe Biden) and Climate Change (thanks to Leo). I’m tired of the Oscars bringing politics into everything lately. The Oscars are supposed to be about celebrating movies but all celebrities wanna do is spread messages and talk about the problems going on in liberal land.

Most of the awards given were terrible. I didn’t think “Mad Max: Fury Road” deserved all that attention ’cause it wasn’t that great of a movie. I was also disgusted that Sam Smith won for that James Bond song ’cause “Writing On The Wall” is a crappy song even though “Spectre” was a really great film. I wish “Spectre” could have picked a better theme. They should have used Radiohead’s theme instead. Of course, they had to choose Sam Smith ’cause I think the only reason he was picked ’cause he’s an openly “homosexual” man and you know how libtard Hollywood love their homosexuals. If Sam Smith wasn’t a part of the Oscars then they would have gotten called a homophobe.

Other Oscars upset was of course when Sly lost his Oscar to some actor I’ve never heard of before which is lame. Sly deserved it but of course the Academy didn’t give it to him. Sly lost the Oscars twice now. He lost back in 1977. Ah well… there’s always another time for Sly to win an Oscar so never say never, y’all. Keep in mind there is still “Creed 2” coming and possibly “Creed III” so there’s always another time for Sly to get his Oscar. I know everyone wants Sly to get his Oscar and I think he will sometime in the future. Maybe for “Creed 2” like I said.

There were a few good choices that the awards went to, though. I’m happy that the “Amy” doc won ’cause that was a good documentary. I’m happy that Leo Dicaprio won his first Oscar and I’m happy that the director for “The Revenant” won.

Another big upset from last night was “The Revenant” lost to the “Spotlight” on BEST PICTURE. What is it with the Oscars and Michael Keaton lately? Last year “Birdman” won Best Picture and now another Michael Keaton movie wins Best Picture which was “Spotlight”. Do the Oscars have a hardon for Michael Keaton? Seems so.

Anyway, it’s no surprise that “Mad Max” and “The Revenant” both lost “Best Picture” simply because they are very violent movies and you know the Academy was never friendly with violent movies. They always go for the serious drama films.

Last night’s Oscars was pathetic and I wished I could take my 3 or 4 hours back that I wasted.

Watch Arnold’s awesome response to Sly’s loss. Arnold uploaded that video immediately after the “Best Supporting Actor” category so you can tell he was watching the Oscars too.

My question is where were all the big name A-Listers last night??? No Tom Hanks, no Tom Cruise, no Brad Pitt & Angie, no John Travolta, no Alec Baldwin, no Dustin Hoffman, etc. All those guys usually appear at the Oscars every year but they were no where in sight. I assume they were boycotting for the “Oscars So White” thing is probably why. That’s probably why they had Joe Biden there ’cause they needed a big name to keep the liberals happy.