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It’s official, America… we have tax reform now!!!

President Trump just signed the Tax and Jobs bill into law this morning before heading out to his FL home for his Holiday break!


Remember this, y’all… Trump and the GOP Congress accomplished this without the help of the Democrats. The Democrats and the hardcore left are so worthless nowadays, we’re so fed up with all of them. The hardcore left are so one-sided that there is nothing we can do to make them happy. That’s all the president wants to do is to make everyone happy. Not just make the right happy, he wants to make the left happy too.

Oh well, fuck the left. Let them whine and complain ’cause that’s all they do. When they start to notice their paychecks are getting bigger and they get big tax returns back, they won’t thank Trump for it. They’ll find a way to give Obama credit. They’re that one-sided. It’s pathetic. The left just obsessively follow the party line. That’s how they see politics nowadays. What can we do to get them to stop being one-sided and unite with us? We try but the left’s hatred toward the right is pretty strong. It’s getting out of hand.

We officially got Tax reform today finally and that’s a huge accomplishment by President Trump, love him or hate him all you want to.

This is the best thing that Congress has done for us in a long time. Hope they keep up the good work. If Paul Ryan and McConnell can give us the Border Wall and replace Obamacare, they could earn our respect again.