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Report: Arnold signs himself onto an action movie about drug cartels called, “Ten”…

Wow. Arnold is on a roll! Since being back in Hollywood from his governor run, he has been signing himself to new movie roles like crazy. Even though Arnie, is aging, that’s still not stopping him from starring in action movies. His next film is, “The Expendables 2”, in which he gets a longer role in. He will also star in, “The Tomb” along with Sylvester Stallone, and he will star in, “The Last Stand”. Here is his latest signing, he will star in a movie called, “Ten”, and here’s the synopsis from the article: “Ten” revolves around the members of an elite DEA task force who depart from their usual operations and steal millions from a drug cartel safe house. Just when the team thinks they got away with it, someone begins to take out them out one by one.

The Hollywood Reporter, reports.

And of course, that certain someone, the synopsis is referring to is none other than, Arnold’s character. Sounds like it’s going to be a pretty violent action movie. I’m sure people are laughing at Arnold, and accusing him that he’s too old for action movies, but he’s been doing action movies for years. He’s still into bodybuilding and he still works out on a regular basis, so I’m sure he is physical enough to do his own stunts, still.

I can’t wait to see Arnold back on the big screen, because it’s been such a long time. “Expendables 2” is a perfect comeback for, the Governator! Come back with a bang!



Report: Pearl Jam “Ten” reissue being released March 24th…

Pearl Jam announced the band will release four different re-issue editions of their very first album “Ten”. The 4 reissues will of course, include the original album “Ten” which will be produced by Brendan O’ Brien, and also each 4 of those editions will include 6 unreleased songs from that era. Although Brendan O’ Brien did NOT produce “Ten” originally, he will record his vision and style of sound for the new version of “Ten”. The band have been wanting O’ Brien to record his version of “Ten” for years because the boys in Pearl Jam enjoy O’ Brien’s work in the studio.

The discs will also include a free DVD of their unreleased MTV Unplugged live performance with 5.1 Surround Sound. The re-issue’s of “Ten” will also be available for vinyl LP’s, for you longtime vinyl collectors.

The 4 editions of Pearl Jam “Ten” will hit stores everywhere March 24th. This is part of celebrating the legendary album’s 20th Anniversary. In 1991, when this band named Pearl Jam first came into the music industry, the band took the music world by storm, selling millions of copies and winning lots of awards for this album. This is indeed one of the biggest albums in the history of music.

Billboard Reports:


It’s about time this album is getting a re-issue!!! I’ve been waiting for this to happen. I love this album to death, it’s an important album to me, one of my top ten faves. It’s one album I can listen to over and over and never get tired of it. Pearl Jam is an incredible band, I’ve always loved them. They haven’t made one album in their career that sucked, I love all of their music so far. I’m definitely going to pick up the re-issue of “Ten” in March. Hell yeah!!!