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Cool Photo: Your first look at Arnie and Sly on the set of “The Tomb”…

Well, Arnie and Sly’s next movie after, “The Expendables 2”, “The Tomb” is in the works, and here’s your first look at the two action stars on set. Now, “The Tomb” has nothing to do with the Expendables. Totally different and new story. As you can see, “The Tomb” is taking place in a prison.

Glad, Arnold and Sly are finally doing movies together, which that should’ve happened years ago.


Report: Arnold and Sly, confirmed to star in “The Tomb”…

After, “The Expendables”, you can expect Arnold and Sly, two of the biggest action movie icons, to star in more movies together. Summit Entertainment, confirms Arnold and Sly will both star the leading roles in a film called, “The Tomb”. Sly will play a man who designed a high-tech prison that is escape proof. Sly’s character is set up and sent in the same prison he just built. Arnold plays a fellow inmate a complex guy whose tough exterior hides the reality he’s an okay guy who fights to keep the prisoners from losing their humanity.

Deadline, reports.

Why didn’t Arnold and Sly star in movies together in the past before? I remember Sly saying in the AICN Q&A’s he did with them, that it had something to do with ego’s. He was afraid of the huge egos getting in the way with each other or something like that, since they are both iconic stars. They probably finally realized, that won’t be a problem, so they agreed to start doing movies together after all these years. I agree, they should’ve starred in movies a long time ago, though. It’s been a long time coming for them.