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Thought: While “The Dark Knight” may not top “Titanic”, I have a feeling “Twilight” just might…

This movie “Twilight” a romantic teen vampire film adapted from the popular young adult novel written by Stephenie Meyer, just may┬áhave a chance of topping “Titanic” in box office domestically if “The Dark Knight” doesn’t.

Everytime I read about “Twilight”, I become even more anticipated in the film. The story sounds very interesting. I am also liking how the cast of the film is full of unknown actors. Actors that we never know about.

Stephenie Meyer just released the final “Twilight” book of the series, titled “BreakIng Dawn” and that book seems to be creating a lot of controversy. The “Twilight” film has created a huge internet buzz. Much larger than “The Dark Knight”.

You think, why is this movie about a teenage girl falling in love with a vampire? You may think, that story is so stupid and nothing new. If you know vampires as well as I do, that’s the whole point of vampires. Vampire stories are mostly love, romance and women. Bram Stoker’s “Dracula” is a perfect example of this.┬áThe same goes for Nosferatu and Anne Rice’s “Interview with the Vampire” series.

The film “Twilight” hits theaters December 12th and I will be there to see it. I am glad that vampires are finally making a return to the movie industry.

Don’t worry folks, “Titanic” will be off the list as the number one movie in the world soon since box office movies are getting much higher these days. You just never know what movie will top “Titanic”. I just think “Twilight” may be the one.


Thought: Could the “Dark Knight” actually beat “Titanic”?

Variety reports that “The Dark Knight” made a sky rocketing $300 million so far. “The Dark Knight” is “still” filling up theaters. The theater was full the second time I saw it in theater again.

Variety reports:


Check box office mojo here:


Lets pray that “The Dark Knight” passes 600 million to knock “Titanic” off of there!

That would be amazing!