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Video: Were these black people getting in my face at Trump rally? Seems like they were…

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More after rally craziness! #trumprally #Albany #Trump2016

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I kept watching this footage many times. Were those 4 black people part of the Black Lives Matter protesters? I’m pretty sure they were. They saw me holding one of Trump’s support signs. One black guy walked by me and goes “Yeah”, the other guy screams, “Did not like that” and then this couple behind them notices me and this black lady looks me dead in the eye and gives me a big smile as you see in the video.

I don’t know if you notice but that big black lady smiling at me was holding an anti-Trump sign.

Yeah those people were definitely picking on me ’cause they noticed that I’m a Trump supporter and also they noticed me filming them on camera too. In my mind, I was gonna say to the lady, “You got a problem?” but that would have escalated into a big fight so I kept my mouth shut.

I wasn’t there to fight with protesters, I was there to show my support for the Donald. I just ignored those guys and they just kept walking. That’s what you gotta do, ya know? If you don’t want to fight with the protesters, you can’t let ’em get to ya.

I didn’t want to risk myself getting arrested that night, hahaha.