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BREAKING NEWS: “Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn” split in two films…

Summitt Entertainment just announced the huge news tonight, that the final installment to the “Twilight Saga” franchise, “Breaking Dawn” will be split in two movies. Yep, that means there will be 5 “Twilight” films in all.

Variety Reports:


I haven’t even read the “Breaking Dawn” book yet. I think I better soon.


Report: Tim Burton to direct “Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn”? I’d say bring him on!

It seems that Tim Burton loves the idea of directing the¬†final Twilight movie, “Breaking Dawn”, the fourth of the series. Burton didn’t say if he will or not, but he seemed to love the idea and he is flattered by it.

See more at MTV News:


I always thought Burton would be a more appropriate choice of a director for these movies. He should have directed the first one. In fact, he should be directing all of them!!! Why didn’t Summitt Entertainment think of him in the first place? I hope Burton gets the opportunity.

I look forward to seeing, “New Moon” and will see it, this weekend.


Thought: Why I think “Twilight” is better than “Harry Potter”…

So, “Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince” will be out this week. Will I go see it?


Why? Not only that I think that Harry Potter is the most overrated novel/movie franchise in the history of entertainment, I just think the stories don’t do anything to me, they don’t grab my attention, and I don’t see anything special about ’em. The truth is,¬† I just can’t get into this whole Wizard thing. It’s not really my type of storytelling

I like stories that are much more darker, which is one reason why I love the “Twilight” series more.

Both Harry Potter and Twilight have a few things in common. Both franchises were created by women, J.K. Rowling and Stephenie Meyer. Both have a huge amount of mainstream popularity. Both have a huge following of tweeny girls mostly.

As you can see, I’m no Harry Potter fan at all. I find J.K.’s stories boring. Stephenie makes her “Twilight” series more entertaining.

What is so entertaining about a couple of children becoming wizards to learn magic and go on these silly adventures that mean nothing?

I think “Twilight” is better stuff, because Stephenie make her storytelling more insightful and more detailed than J.K. Rowling’s. The “Twilight” series has more stories to tell than just a girl falling in love with a vamp. The “Twilight” series is easy targeted, the series get made fun of because of it’s tween content…when the funny thing is, “Harry Potter” is pretty much the same exact thing.

I have no interest in Harry Potter whatsoever. Tried reading the first book, couldn’t get into it. Tried seeing the first couple of movies, didn’t like ’em.

When Stephenie Meyer brought us, “Twilight”, I was impressed that Stephenie is trying to compete with J.K. The truth is, “Twilight” is bigger and more successful than “Harry Potter”.

Just wait until “Twilight: New Moon” comes out in theaters, it will destroy, “Half Blood Prince” in the box office.

Stephenie Meyer likes to make her stories more realistic and fun as if they were happening for real. Stephenie likes to explain in detail how people become vampires and werewolves, while Harry Potter doesn’t explain anything.

J.K. is overrated, pure and simple. I admire Stephenie’s work immensely. Those who make fun of Stephenie’s work because of her teen vampire views is a stupid idiot, in my opinion. I admire Stephenie’s way of trying to bring horror fiction for young kids. Of course, both Stephenie and J.K.’s work can be for people off all ages, not just for teen girls.

Sure, I get made fun of for liking the “Twilight” series, but I don’t care what anyone thinks. I enjoy whatever grabs my attention no matter what age audience the stories are aimed at.