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First photos of “Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of Dawn Treader” released…

The official “Chronicles of Narnia” facebook page released three photos from the new “Voyage of Dawn Treader” that is filming now.

I am a huge fan of the “Chronicles of Narnia” series, ’cause I love the books and loved the first two films that came out.

I’m really looking forward to this one. Now that these series aren’t owned by Disney anymore, expect more violence and more blood as well. Can’t wait for this!


Confirmed: Fox to make Narnia 3 “Voyage of Dawn Treader”!!!!

Walt Disney pictures is out of making Narnia 3, Twentieth Century Fox is in!!! Just a month after Disney pulling out to make “Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of Dawn Treader”, 20th Century Fox has teamed up with Walden Media to make the third installment. Ben Barnes, Skandar Keynes, and Georgie Henley are set to return in the cast.

More on it here at Variety:


Very cool. I’m actually excited that Disney isn’t making it anymore. That means more intense violence and maybe more blood in the action scenes as well?

Hope Twentieth Century Fox don’t screw it up and they keep it the original style as the first two films. I love the Narnia series.


Report: Third “Narnia” film to be filmed in Mexico and Australia…

Production is about ready to begin this soon for the third “Chronicles of Narnia” film titled “The Voyage of Dawn Treader”, it will be filmed in Mexico and Australia. The reason for the move is because they need enough room for a massive sound stage and a huge water tank. The reason for the water tank is that in the next “Narnia” adventure the Pevensie children (pictured above) go on a¬†journey on a ship, they need enough water and land to do this.

Variety reports:


I think it’s amazing that they are getting right to work on the third “Narnia” film already when they just released “Prince Caspian” just a little while ago. Bring on the third “Narnia” movie!