Report: Goldman’s going after Gilbert’s OJ book now…

First the Goldman family successfully snubbed the rights to OJ’s book “If I Did It”, the Goldman’s now own that book, now they are weighing in on Gilbert’s book about OJ being drugged up and confessing to him.

More on it here:

Even if what Gilbert says in the book is true, that is not gonna do anything to put OJ in a second trial for the murder of Nicole and Ron. OJ’s going to trial again yes, but it’s unrelated to the murder case, he’s soon going to trial for the Vegas robbery obviously.

Everybody thinks OJ will be found guilty of the Vegas robbery and go to prison but I don’t think so. OJ’s always hiring the best lawyers that will defend him no matter what happens.

I hate the Juice like everyone else and hopes he does rot in prison one day but I don’t think it’s ever gonna happen. He will walk the Vegas robbery just like he walked the murder trial. That’s what these lawyers are payed to do defend their clients no matter what happens to them.

I can’t blame the Goldman’s for this but no matter what they or anybody else does, nobody could get the Juice to confess. OJ is craving for all the attention he’s getting in the media.

It’s pretty fuckin’ hilarious why OJ would want to get on the “Apprentice” when he’s about to go on trial for the Vegas robbery. There is no way NBC would hire him for the show. If OJ did get signed for the Apprentice, I’m sure the Goldman’s would have sued NBC and Donald Trump both so OJ’s paychecks from the show would go to the Goldman’s, not the Juice.

People need to stop writing books about OJ ’cause that’s doing nothing but keeping OJ’s name out there in the media.



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