Report: Sly and Arnold to finally star in a movie together?

For many years people has been wanting to see Sly and Arnold star in a movie together, well look like that dream is actually coming true. The two will star in the Indian Bollywood film about the Indian stuntman being filmed in Universal Studios in Hollywood. The leading stars are, Ashkay Kumar and Kareena Kapoor both Indian actors, Sly and Arnold will star along them. So sounds like it’s going to be more than just a cameo. The name of the film will be titled “Incredible Love”.

More on it here:

While Sly is still pretty popular in the U.S., he is very huge overseas. I know Sly is pretty huge in India, this is why Sly is doing a foreign film ’cause he has a lot of die hard fans overseas.

If it’s true Arnold has been signed to this role, that’s a sign that he may return to acting full time when he’s done being governor.



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