Film Review: Valkyrie

Starring: Tom Cruise, Terence Stamp, Tom Wilkinson

Directed by: Bryan Singer

Just got back from the mall from seeing “Valkyrie” this evening, and here is my review.

Synopsis: This film is a World War II story, taking place during the Nazi’s, Adolf Hitler era that is based on real life events in the history books. Tom Cruise plays Colonel Stauffenberg which he plots with a group of other German officers to kill Adolf Hitler, as his way of trying to take over Nazi power in order to end the war.

Stauffenberg is seriously injured in a battle in Africa, which causes him to lose his eye and other body parts, he is forced to wear an eye patch. However, he still keeps his eye that he took out himself as his way of faking that he actually has two eyes whenever he’s associating with the Nazi’s. Stauffenberg helps conceive Operation Valkyrie, which is a plan approved by Adolf Hilter. Stauffenberg later joins the German Resistance, and becomes the Chief of Staff to further his plot to kill Hitler which is planned on July 20th, 1944.

Stauffenberg’s plan on trying to kill Hitler fails, after the Nazis discovered his plan on trying to kill their leader.

I would like to add this film to the top 5 films of 2008. It was an excellent film. I liked it all the way through. The story is thrilling, unpredictable, and the acting is very good all around. Yes, Tom Cruise actually did a great job in it as well. Is this movie worthy for Best Picture in the Oscars? Definitely. I would like to see Terence Stamp get a nomination for “Best Actor in a Supporting Role” ’cause he did good in this.

The film has excellent action scenes as well. In the film, you would never know when it will come to a loud explosion. One time a group of Nazi soldiers are talking to each other and all of a sudden, BOOM!!!!! A huge explosion out of no where!!!

The movie was interesting, it was great pacing, the characters are good, and the actor who played Adolf Hitler did a very good job. What’s creepy about it though, that the actor who played Hitler almost looks exactly like the real Hitler.

In the theater I was in earlier tonight, I was surprised to see that it was a full theater, yep, a packed house. Don’t be surprised if “Valkyrie” moves up to no. 1 over the weekend on Sunday ’cause it could happen. I just love Bryan Singer’s work, he’s such an amazing director and one of my very favorite film makers. He’s made some really good movies like “The Usual Suspects”, “Apt Pupil”, “X-Men 1 and 2”, and “Superman: Returns”.

Why do so many people still go see Nazi and Hitler movies? I honestly think people has a fascination with Nazis and Hitler, that they like learning about them. Hitler is a controversial figure and people have a fascination with him whether people want to admit it or not. Nazis are being used for movies all the time, and even Indiana Jones used Nazis. People are fascinated with that stuff because it is interesting.

Please go see this even if you hate Tom Cruise. It’s an intense movie that’ll give you chills.

Score for “Valkyrie” = **** (4 stars as in excellent)


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