Thought: It’s not the PG rating that’s destroying WWE, DX and the celebrity guest hosts is…

I think the reason that so many people have been turned off by WWE’s current direction lately, is not because of their PG family friendly rating. Here is the problem.

I think the problem is that the WWE has turned itself into a mainstream family show, instead of an “actual” wrestling show like it once used to be in the 90’s.

All these celebrity guests hosts, is the big part of this thing. I don’t like this celebrity host thing at all WWE is doing with RAW. It’s silly. We don’t need celebrities in wrestling. The wrestling superstars are the celebrities themselves. What Vince doesn’t realize is that these celebs that host a RAW episode each week is overshadowing the star power of these wrestlers.

Another thing that is hurting WWE, is the new D Generation X tag team with Shawn Michaels and Triple H. Aren’t these guys a little too old for a gimmick like this? DX was great in their younger days during the Attitude era, but today? LOL! DX is way past their time. I’m sure the veteran wrestling fans like myself want Triple H and Shawn Michaels to end DX and go back to performing solo like they are best at. The only reason that WWE brought DX back full time is to help hype up this PG rating thing and to build a fanbase with children.

I actually have no problem with a family friendly WWE ’cause that’s how they started back in the 80’s. They don’t need DX and these lame celebrity hosts.

They need to stop these celebrity hosts and go back to the General Manager thing. Plus, I’m sure the WWE champ title switching back and forth to Randy Orton to John Cena all the time is getting boring as well.

I haven’t been watching RAW for these reasons. If they can go back to an actual wrestling show, I’ll start watching again. These days, WWE has almost been like a fucking circus or Disney’s on ice or something.


One thought on “Thought: It’s not the PG rating that’s destroying WWE, DX and the celebrity guest hosts is…”

  1. I have to say the same about the guest hosts, they’re a waste of time and energy that could be put towards promoting the new stars. The first week with Batista was a good idea, and I think that’s what the guest host should be for. The guys who are coming back from injury, or legends to make an appearance. Only good thing about it, is it’s keeping us from having to see McMahon on TV. As for D-X, I got one word for them, blech. Seriously, they are so far from entertaining it’s not funny, they both need to just retire, and take Undertaker with them. I can’t take two guys in their 40s pretending to be in their 20’s seriously. It’s pathetic, you just know that HHH is going the title back sooner or later and the main event for Mania is going to wind up HHH v. HBK.

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