Thought: Who’s the new RAW anonymous General Manager???

So we are talking who is the RAW General Manager that has been anonymously announcing matches? The RAW General Manager won’t be revealed right away, I don’t think he/she won’t be revealed this Monday, but maybe toward the middle of the summer, the RAW GM will be revealed.

A lot of people think it’s Daniel Bryan, the former NXT guy, but it’s not Daniel Bryan because it doesn’t make any sense. Daniel Bryan and Michael Cole doesn’t get along too well storywise. So why would Michael Cole accept anonymous e-mails if he knew it was from Daniel Bryan? So it can’t be him at all.

I also named Shawn Michaels “HBK”, but then I changed my mind about Shawn. Why? Simply because Mr. McMahon and Shawn don’t get along at all, storywise. On TV, they hate each other and McMahon would never make him GM again. I just thought about that.

I’ve talked about who the General Manager maybe a little bit in a blog before, but I’ve thought of some more choices.

Here is my top 5 choices on who the possible RAW General Manager could be, these are just my opinions:

“The Rock” Dwayne Johnson – The Rock hinted at a WWE return quite a lot this year and hinted he may return this summer as a GM kind of role. I still say that my no. 1 choice is him. “The Rock” can be a useful GM to feud with the NXT guys. Even though the Rock will never wrestle a match again, the reason the Rock would be useful is because the Rock’s usual humorous trashtalking.The NXT guys try to target every WWE superstar, but they wouldn’t make the Rock a target ’cause the Rock wouldn’t let it happen. The Rock would make the NXT guys look like little babies. That’s why he would be useful. I can definitely see the Rock making fun of every NXT member. The Rock picking on Wade Barrett would be funny stuff!

Michael Cole Why would the RAW announcer be the anonymous GM? Because he was the one reading the anonymous e-mail off a computer to announce matches himself! I used to never like Michael Cole, but since he’s feuding with the NXT guys lately, Cole has been showing some character lately and starting to like him more. Cole could be the big possible choice as well.

Shane McMahon Shane McMahon showed up at the very end of last week’s RAW to help his beat up father in the ring. So that means, Shane could be it too.

The Ultimate Warrior Vince said the RAW anonymous General manager would have “ultimate” control of everything. I remember Vince saying that. Get the clue “Ultimate”? Does that hint that the Ultimate Warrior is on his way back to WWE to be GM? That’s why it would make a lot of sense if it was Ultimate Warrior as well. The Warrior being a heel GM and teaming up with the NXT guys would be a nice angle. Maybe the Warrior can finally feud with Bret “The Hitman” Hart”, the two can have their final wrestling match against each other. Bret “The Hitman” Hart vs. Ultimate Warrior in a last match would be kind of cool, they should save that for the next Wrestlemania though.

Mick Foley Mick Foley is no longer working for TNA, could he be on his way back to WWE? I think he might be on his way back.


14 thoughts on “Thought: Who’s the new RAW anonymous General Manager???”

    1. You must be watching RAW as I’m typing this, lol. Just because the anonymous GM is doing Stone Cold catchphrases, doesn’t mean it’s him. I think WWE is just teasing, just to get the crowd all excited. It could end up being somebody different, possibly the Rock.

      Everyone thinks it’s Abraham Washington but he’s a heel GM in FCW, the Anonymous RAW GM has been acting like a babyface GM, not a heel. So it can’t be Abraham.

      Gotta be the Rock.


  1. the general manager said “i’ve got 2 words for ya” on this monday night’s raw
    suggesting its tripple H since sean michaels retired ? or mayhe he will return ! 😀

  2. i have a feeling that it could be hornswoggle remember when he was “sent to heaven ” he could come back but also with the different phrases that micheal cole has sed he used to play games on smackdown and raw sothats what i think

  3. I agree with Shane and The Rock. The Rock is the perfect man for the GM role but i dont know about that now that they are bringing back the guest hosts. Shane is a good choice becuz he came out and beat up his dad and that he could be a good LEADER…”Cooperate Ministry” so he could be a good leader of the Nexus and feud with his father again

  4. pdna is right the raw gm did say if you are not down with that i got 2 words for ya and the crowd yelled suck it! AND i will let you in on a little secret tripple h is the raw gm they said it on right after wrestling on the score(in canada)

    1. I’m starting to agree that the GM is Triple H too. The GM seems to be getting on Sheamus a lot, so it is probably Hunter. I’m sure the GM will get revealed soon.

      Chris Jericho will probably expose the GM himself ’cause he was kicked off the 6 pack match at “Night of the Champions”.


  5. I think there is something that everyone is missing. Good Ol’ JR. Jim Ross. Everyone knows he has a great friendship with Steve Austin and often quoted him during his commentating. He also quoted The Rock, Triple H, HBK amongst others. He was out due to his health for nearly a year and is now back working with the WWE in a behind the scenes capacity. I for one would love Jim Ross to be the GM and the anonymous GM seems to call things the way i imagine JR would. on The other hand The Rock would make since also because he wants a part in WWE but doesn’t want to be a wrestler

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