Thought: Are egg yolks really all that bad for you? The truth is, it isn’t!!!

I just caught this video by Scooby and he claims, egg yolks are bad for your health ’cause they are too fatty and high in calories. He also says they have bad pesticides. Carefully doing research online, I’ve read that if you throw out the egg yolk, you are throwing out most of the healthy ingredients inside the yolk.

Such articles as these say that egg yolks is the important part of building muscle:

And you can google up more articles that will tell you how egg yolks are actually pretty healthy.

I look at sites like and the forum there, most of them don’t throw out the egg yolks….take a look at this thread and most everybody says egg yolks are good:

Yeah, no wonder Scoob got a lot of flak because he’s full of shit.

I eat quite a bit of eggs myself and I don’t throw out the yolk.


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