To those who thought “The Dapper Don” was an evil man…read up…

After doing more research on the “Dapper Don’s” history, I’m beggining to see, that John Gotti Sr. wasn’t that bad of a guy as everyone thinks he is. People online are treating him as a vicious serial killer. As in “evil”…but was he really all that evil?

Read and learn:

He may have committed crimes most of his life but they weren’t really serious crimes, mostly burglaries, hijacking, and all that little stuff. He only murdered two people. Paul Castellano and Thomas Billoti. The only reason they were killed, ’cause they were bosses of the Gambino family and Gotti wanted to take over. If you look up the wikipedia’s of Castellano and Billoti, you can see that those two guys were dangerous animals. In reality, Gotti “The Dapper Don” wasn’t really all that bad.

Maybe that’s what Sly wants to prove in the film.


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