Thought: Is Casey Anthony on the run and out in hiding???

Casey Anthony seems to be running and hiding from the law when she has recently been ordered to return to Florida for probation and other things. She still hasn’t shown up yet.

Why is she afraid?

The longer she doesn’t show up, the more it shows that she’s guilty of killing Caylee and she got away with it.


One thought on “Thought: Is Casey Anthony on the run and out in hiding???”

  1. The judge may have failed to consider two important issues in this action. One, Casey Anthony was already released from probation by the probation department and this will be overturned on the Appellate level. And two, I don’t believe the judge considered just how many complaints the probation department is likely to receive from this defendant by claims of inappropriate actions and non-actions alleged against the department in a twelve month period of time. This will cost the Florida tax-payers an untold and incalculable amount of money. And, for what? Nothing. Casey wins again. What happened to justice for Caylee? -Jane

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