Cool Video: The high quality version of “Evil Dead” trailer is here!

This was pretty much the same trailer they showed at, NYCC. Now it’s in glorious, HD!

While I still prefer, “Evil Dead 4”, with Bruce Campbell as Ash, the remake will do, I guess! The remake looks surprisingly great. Only thing missing though, that it needs the trees that attacks people, like the first one. Maybe the possessed trees are in the remake, they just haven’t shown them in the trailer, as a way to keep surprises. The Evil Dead remake looks pretty good, I’ll probably go see it.


3 thoughts on “Cool Video: The high quality version of “Evil Dead” trailer is here!”

  1. You’re right, bro. Can’t believe I missed that. There were killer trees in the trailer, after all! They just showed it real quick!

  2. I will give this movie a chance. The original Evil Dead was pretty horrific. The comedy element didn’t really kick in til the second movie.

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