BREAKING NEWS: JJ Abrams first turned down to direct “Star Wars 7”, he’s now on board!!!

Welp, news broke the web today that JJ Abrams is officially on board to direct, “Star Wars 7”. First, JJ denied any involvement with Star Wars, that he didn’t want any part of it, but looks like he changed his mind. Look like JJ took a quick look at Lawrence Kasdan’s script and said, “I gotta do this!”.

My thoughts? It was too predictable to me that Lucasfilm/Disney was going to get JJ. I kind of called on it a long while back, and honestly, I’m kind of skeptical. Yes, he did a great job with the first “Star Trek” movie but, I still don’t like his style of film making. His overuse of the lens flare in movies does get pretty annoying, and so does his shaky cam technique. He is really good at action scenes, though, I’ll give him that respect

I just hope JJ doesn’t reboot Star Wars, and make the original characters young like he did with Star Trek. A young Han, Luke, and Leia? I don’t know, don’t make sense to me, since those characters were young in, “Episode IV: A New Hope”. Episode 7 will probably continue on from “Jedi”. I think Han, Luke, and Leia should still be played by the original actors. Harrison, Mark and Carrie. I can see JJ bringing them in somehow.

JJ has been getting some major franchises. First he got Mission Impossible, then Star Trek, and now Star Wars. I guess, JJ could possibly make a good Star Wars movie ’cause his Star Trek film did seem like Star Wars. I’ll give JJ a chance.

Now we wonder what’s going to happen to the Star Trek franchise, now that JJ is moving on to Star Wars, hmmmm….

More on the story, here.


One thought on “BREAKING NEWS: JJ Abrams first turned down to direct “Star Wars 7”, he’s now on board!!!”

  1. He’s just the director….He’s not making amy decisions on if it is a reboot or what the general story line is. The first script is already written…

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