“We don’t see things as left and right. We see things as right and wrong.” – Glenn Beck

BINGO! Glenn Beck is right on the money and the man just got a lot more respect from me. Glenn Beck, the famous conservative radio talk show host writes an open letter to Gov. Cuomo and it’s a good read too. You should check it out, here.

Gov. Cuomo not only started a war against conservatives in NY… conservatives all across the US are upset with him. I agree with Mr. Beck, we deserve an explanation and an apology too, at least but he won’t. I know how liberals are, they like to backpedal on things a lot and get away with stuff.


5 thoughts on ““We don’t see things as left and right. We see things as right and wrong.” – Glenn Beck”

  1. Why should he apologize? Conservatives get all bent out of shape anytime one of their own is backed into the corner after saying something to piss off the left…double standard?

    1. Personally, I think Cuomo said those offensive statements ’cause it’s an obvious attempt for more votes from his fellow liberals and to get them all excited for the 2014 Governor election. His comments weren’t taken out of context at all. He knew exactly what he was saying. He should explain or apologize ’cause it would be the smart thing to do. What you said is completely false, though. Us conservatives have nothing against liberals. Glenn Beck made that pretty clear in his open-letter.


      1. I can’t wait to hear Rush Limbaugh’s response to this. Limbaugh’s response should be interesting. Sarah Palin too.


      2. Another thing, we really didn’t have anything against liberals until now. Idiots like Andrew Cuomo makes us want to be against liberals. That’s why a lot of conservatives are threatening to leave New York or never visit this state. New York has always been a liberal state.

        I try not to talk politics in facebook ’cause too many liberals there.

        Liberalism is taking over the world and conservatism doesn’t get the respect they deserve. Sad but it is what it is.

        On the plus side though, I think Cuomo’s statements will not damage conservatives… his statements will help us become more powerful. He just gave us more attention in the media.


      3. *sigh* liberals who side with their fellow liberal politicians are just as bad. It’s no surprise they would have no problem with what Cuomo said. Liberals suck and that’s the end of it.


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