Obama’s failed kidnapping attempt @ Benghazi…

First of all, here is the correct video on where Admiral James Lyons says that Obama’s Benghazi was a failed kidnapping attempt. Obama’s original goal was to kidnap Ambassador Stevens in exchange for the Blind Sheik as a way for Obama to make himself look good for the elections.

Secondly, read this article for more:


Thirdly, a few more videos of Admiral Lyons talking Benghazi:

Even he knows that it’s a cover-up of some sort and he definitely sounds like he’s blaming Obama for sure.

Yes, we ALL know that the truth haven’t came out of Benghazi yet but it’s easy to observe and it’s easy to figure out how Obama was totally behind the attacks. I don’t think he was sleeping either, that was another lie by Leon Panetta. Obama had to be watching the whole thing in a room somewhere.

Notice how Admiral Lyons explains everything going on, it definitely sounds like it was orchestrated and carefully planned. Look this stuff up. This was something that was supposed to be called, the “October Surprise”.

This attack could have been stopped easily. There were plenty of military nearby.

I know it’s hard to see that Obama was behind it but I know you guys will always think he wasn’t no matter what gets put out there. Obama is an evil murderous son of a bitch who needs to be thrown in prison for the rest of his miserable life.


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