Questions that needs answers on Benghazi…

Here is a list of things that Trey Gowdy’s new Benghazi Select Committee needs to find out during the upcoming investigations… read and learn:

  • Why and How the Benghazi attack happened? – I think this is the key question here. Why and how it happened in the first place. Nobody knows.
  • Why no military help came to save lives? – There were plenty of military all around that area. It was already proven not too long ago. Question is why they never came to help save lives?
  • Who gave the military stand down order? –Another big mystery that needs answered.
  • Where was President Obama during the 7 hours the place was under attack? – Nobody could contact the President and he wasn’t allowed to contact people from outside wherever he was. Panetta said he was in bed but he could be lying, though. He definitely wasn’t in the Situation Room at all. This question is important ’cause when a situation like this is going on, the President needs to be active during an attack but he wasn’t. Where was he and why?
  • How did the 4 Benghazi victims die and what exactly happened to them? – Gowdy will look at every detail. Will there be photos of their bodies??? Autopsy reports??? I’m willing to bet the Obama administration had that stuff hidden too. It was speculated that Ambassador Stevens died of smoke inhalation but another speculation is that he was actually beaten, raped, sodomized, etc. All of this will get proven during the hearings.
  • Why were there dozens of CIA operatives on the ground? – Look it up… it was reported like last year that there were CIA guys ordered to stay on the ground during the attack was going on… probably to keep them quiet on what they’ve seen???
  • Where are the missing survivors and important witnesses? – Gowdy and the team are definitely gonna try and look into this. They’re gonna try to investigate where the missing survivors are and once they find out where they are, they’ll try to bring ’em in for testifying. Chances are they’re gonna end up finding out that the Obama administration have been keeping them at a military hospital in D.C. I’m betting your money on it.
  • Who ordered this attack? – A lot of people wanna blame Al-Qaeda and muslims but I believe they’re gonna find out that the whole attack was Obama’s plan all along.
  • Where did all those gunmen come from and who gave them the weapons? – All those gunmen came and attacked the consulate out of nowhere. They need to find out where they came from and how they got all those guns to begin with. (I bet Obama gave them those guns)
  • Where are they hiding all the evidence like documents, e-mails, photos, videos, etc.??? – There were cameras all over the consulate during the attack and I think there was a report that there was a drone over the place with a camera on it which I bet Hillary and the people in the Situation Room were watching everything going on. There’s gotta be plenty of video evidence. They’ll get to it all.

I’m sure there’s more and those are the pretty big ones that they’ll get to.

Some of you may think that nothing will come out of this investigation at all but I disagree. They’re not gonna rest until they get to the bottom of Benghazi, doesn’t matter how long it takes. It could take a few years or more or whatever, they’re not gonna give up. Like I said, it ain’t over until it’s over. I think they’ll get to the bottom of Benghazi even sooner than that, possibly this year.

I am confident they will be successful at finding out everything I listed above. It’ll all come out.

Never forget Benghazi.