Adriana Cohen, “The Benghazi circus is coming…” and I agree…

A blogger over at the Boston Herald wrote an interesting opinion piece that the upcoming Benghazi investigations is gonna be a big circus now that the Dems have jumped aboard.

Read it here:

I absolutely agree with her that the Benghazi select committee is gonna be  a huge circus. It’s gonna be like the OJ Simpson, Anna Nicole, and Casey Anthony trials mixed into one. It’ll be nice if the Dems would act like grown-ups and cooperate with the Republicans but obviously that’s not gonna happen. The Dems are gonna do whatever it takes to defend Hillary and Barack. I predict the Dems are gonna try to make those Benghazi 4 look bad by accusing them of doing something illegal.

I am predicting that the Dems are gonna fail at defending Barack and Hillary, though. The Republicans will be victorious all the way and they will prevail. When too much information gets out there, the Dems will have nothing else to defend them for and they’ll give up.

It really shouldn’t be Dems vs. Republicans, though. That’s really sad and disrespectful to those 4. The left don’t realize that they are being disrespectful to the 4 by not showing any compassion and heart.

When the full truth comes out of Benghazi, I can’t wait to see the Dems/left reaction, though. It’s gonna be entertaining stuff so get the popcorn ready.


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