Dinesh D’ Souza’s book, “America” pulled off the shelves of Costco… apparently freedom of speech only revolves around liberals these days…

Dinesh D’ Souza released a book and a movie under the same title, “America”, which is about what the world would be like if there was no America. According to Dinesh, his book was pulled off the shelves at Costco chain stores in America with no reason given but it is believed that the chain store are scared of the Obama criticism in the book.

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Ya know, when I went to Barnes and Noble to find “America” book… I went looking all over for it. I couldn’t find it and I saw copies of the book on the shelves at B & N before. When I couldn’t find the book, I had no choice but to ask an employee to find it for me. She looked all over… couldn’t find it. Looked at the computer and she said there was supposed to be a few copies left. Then she looked in the back of the store and came out with nothing. She was still trying to find it for me but then I told her, “Ah, don’t worry about it. I’ll look somewhere else”. I appreciate the ladies at B & N in Saratoga Springs trying so hard to find it. It was pretty weird that B & N claimed they weren’t selling any copies.

Then I see this article of Dinesh’s book being pulled off at Costco so now I’m thinking… WOW! Dinesh’s book is being pulled off everywhere!!!!

I would’ve bought the book at B & N if they had copies. I’m pretty sure they had some copies in the back but they wouldn’t sell ’em.

Apparently, freedom of speech revolves around liberals. You tell the truth about Obama, you get censored. Even Dinesh is going through this trouble. He’s experiencing the same thing like all conservatives.

In the mind of a liberal, they act like there is nothing wrong with Obama and they don’t like it when the right criticizes him. They don’t like the right making Obama look bad. Liberal media doesn’t want to make Obama look bad. In the mind of a liberal, they are always telling the truth but they think the right are conspiracy theory nutjobs. That’s how it goes in this day and age. Nobody on the left wants to see Obama being a corrupt leader and criminal. They think that anybody that says Obama is a corrupt leader and criminal they are nothing but troublemakers.

If that’s how America is gonna work, then we lived in a messed up country. A divided America. That’s part of what Dinesh’s movie is about, he’ll go into detail of how bad this left and right thing is going.

I still wanna read the book but I guess my only option is that I’m gonna have to buy it as an ebook for the Ipad. I don’t think I’ll ever find this book in a store again.

Freedom of speech doesn’t work both ways in America anymore.


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  1. The great thing about capitalism is that each business can make decisions about what they carry and what they don’t. If Costco wants to not carry any book then that is their right. If they stop carrying it because of government or political pressure then of course that’s another thing. A business choosing to do something because of THEIR stance has nothing with freedom of speech, as you already know.

    The book you reference is still available for purchase through Barnes & Noble’s website. This tells me that it is very likely that your local store was simply out of the book.

    If a book company chose not to carry a book that promoted the KKK’s agenda I’d thing “Good, they are taking a stance”. If a company chose to not carry a book like D’Souza’s then we think “Well that’s not right!”.

    I’m glad we live in a country where a company can make their own choices. We are dangerously close to losing more of those choices and hopefully if the political spectrum changes during the next election we can repair some of the damage that has recently happened.

    1. You’re wrong about that. Companies don’t have the right to choose what books to sell and what not to sell. They are supposed to sell all of them. That’s their job. When they pull a book off, it immediately violates the authors first amendment.

      Tell me now, there are plenty of other books that have Obama conspiracy theories and exposing the truth about him. Why did they have to do it to Dinesh?

      This gives the author the right to sue if he wishes.


      1. They certainly do have the right to chose their books. It’s their business. Just like nobody can tell you what to write about and not write about on your blog. They have a LEGAL right to chose. Maybe if we get into what is moral and ethical you have a point.

        If you owned a business don’t you think you have the right to chose what you stock?

      2. Not stocking a book doesn’t violate an author’s first amendment rights. Let’s choose Stephen King to remove politics from the discussion. If any book store chose not to stock Stephen King’s books that is their legal right. Stephen King’s first amendment right’s don’t cover that. That’s just a legal thing, not a political thing.

      3. Would that mean a Christian bookstore, which is a company that sells books for a Christian audience, would have to carry a book by Anton LaVey, the founder of the Church of Satan?

        Or really, any book against Christianity?

      1. Although, it wouldn’t surprise me that Costco had a little talk with the Obama administration. I can absolutely see Obama himself on the phone with them ordering them to pull ’em down. Obama have been after Dinesh for a long time. I fear for his safety.


      2. You can’t possibly be talking about me. I’m discussing a businesses legal rights, not if I agree with their decision or not. There are major differences between the two.

    2. The book you reference is still available for purchase through Barnes & Noble’s website. This tells me that it is very likely that your local store was simply out of the book

      You didn’t read my post right. The lady at “B & N” looked at the computer to see if there was any copies left and she found that there were several. There was nothing in the store. Something tells me that they did have copies in the warehouse but they weren’t allowed to sell them.


  2. Meh, the only reason that you guys are going to think that Costco have the right is ’cause it involves your precious Obama. You just try to make him look good each time I write about something here. Of course you’re gonna side with Costco. Too predictable, you just think those whacky conservatives don’t deserve to publish books that are about Obama. This book really isn’t about Obama, though. It’s about what the world would have been like without America. Every American should read the book or see the movie, doesn’t matter what party.


  3. I’ll probably just say to hell with the book and just wait for the movie to come out on DVD. I’ll see it then.

    Dinesh is an interesting guy, you guys should follow him and listen to him.


    1. He certainly is. I’ve read his stuff before. I may read this particular book to see what the fuss is about.

      Also as a side conversation if Costco is wanting to not sell their books that’s fine but what they have accidentally done is drive up the sales of it.

  4. Another thing about Dinesh, he was the reason I first learned about the “United States of Islam”. He tells all about it in “2016: Obama’s America” Dinesh’s first movie/book.


  5. No, they DO have the right. They don’t HAVE to sell any books. They can sell one book, all books, half the books – whatever they want. There is no law anywhere that dictates what someone MUST sell, as THAT would be a breach of the first amendment.

      1. Dinesh just put out a public statement.

        Think about this.You guys wouldn’t be saying, “they had their right to do it” if you published a book and sell it everywhere. If you released a project whether a book or a movie and nobody wouldn’t sell it ’cause of it’s controversial material, you would have agreed it was censorship. That’s what this is. Censorship at it’s finest.

        I would think, however, that Costco’s move solved nothing. It’ll only help make Dinesh more bigger and more popular.

        You have no idea whether they had that right ’cause you know nothing about chain stores.


      2. I personally think Costco pulled it ’cause it was selling too well. They were jealous and envious of Dinesh. Management of Costco are probably liberals.


  6. With that being said, though, I would like to have seen Hillary’s latest piece of trash of a book to get pulled off the shelves of every bookstore instead. It’s incredible how liberals get outraged over Dinesh but there is no outrage over Hillary’s book.

    Well, at least Hillary’s memoir flopped in book sales so that’s good enough, I guess.


      1. I’m just exposing more hypocrisy from the left, that is all.

        Which goes to show that if Dinesh’s book is selling pretty good and Hillary’s was a flop, it’s a good sign that conservatism is taking over America.

        People pay attention to Dinesh ’cause he tells the truth about Obama. I’ve learned a lot from him by seeing that movie, “2016: Obama’s America”… that’s what made me want to read Obama’s book, “Dreams From My Father” and that’s how it got me into all of this birther stuff.

        I became a fan of Dinesh. I would have loved for him to run for president but he can’t ’cause he’s an immigrant. At least he didn’t fake his way into the presidency like Obama did.


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