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Dinesh D’ Souza’s book, “America” pulled off the shelves of Costco… apparently freedom of speech only revolves around liberals these days…

Dinesh D’ Souza released a book and a movie under the same title, “America”, which is about what the world would be like if there was no America. According to Dinesh, his book was pulled off the shelves at Costco chain stores in America with no reason given but it is believed that the chain store are scared of the Obama criticism in the book.

More on the story here:


Ya know, when I went to Barnes and Noble to find “America” book… I went looking all over for it. I couldn’t find it and I saw copies of the book on the shelves at B & N before. When I couldn’t find the book, I had no choice but to ask an employee to find it for me. She looked all over… couldn’t find it. Looked at the computer and she said there was supposed to be a few copies left. Then she looked in the back of the store and came out with nothing. She was still trying to find it for me but then I told her, “Ah, don’t worry about it. I’ll look somewhere else”. I appreciate the ladies at B & N in Saratoga Springs trying so hard to find it. It was pretty weird that B & N claimed they weren’t selling any copies.

Then I see this article of Dinesh’s book being pulled off at Costco so now I’m thinking… WOW! Dinesh’s book is being pulled off everywhere!!!!

I would’ve bought the book at B & N if they had copies. I’m pretty sure they had some copies in the back but they wouldn’t sell ’em.

Apparently, freedom of speech revolves around liberals. You tell the truth about Obama, you get censored. Even Dinesh is going through this trouble. He’s experiencing the same thing like all conservatives.

In the mind of a liberal, they act like there is nothing wrong with Obama and they don’t like it when the right criticizes him. They don’t like the right making Obama look bad. Liberal media doesn’t want to make Obama look bad. In the mind of a liberal, they are always telling the truth but they think the right are conspiracy theory nutjobs. That’s how it goes in this day and age. Nobody on the left wants to see Obama being a corrupt leader and criminal. They think that anybody that says Obama is a corrupt leader and criminal they are nothing but troublemakers.

If that’s how America is gonna work, then we lived in a messed up country. A divided America. That’s part of what Dinesh’s movie is about, he’ll go into detail of how bad this left and right thing is going.

I still wanna read the book but I guess my only option is that I’m gonna have to buy it as an ebook for the Ipad. I don’t think I’ll ever find this book in a store again.

Freedom of speech doesn’t work both ways in America anymore.