The two Benghazi books…

Well late last night, I purchased and downloaded the two Benghazi books for the Ipad. The books are “The Real Benghazi Story” by Aaron Klein and “13 Hours” by Mitchell Zuckoff. I plan on starting to read one of the books soon. I’m not gonna start these two books just yet ’cause I’m still reading a different book right now. The other book I’m reading (Wayne Allyn Root’s “Murder of the Middle Class), I will finish reading today.

Can’t wait to read the two Benghazi books. I’m sure it will be explosive and interesting. I’ll see what they’re takes are on the Benghazi attacks.

The 2nd Anniversary of Benghazi is this Friday and I got a little tribute coming. Of course, I’ll mention the Sept. 11. 2001 World Trade Center attacks as well, can’t forget that!


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