The last thing you wanna do is trust the White House and the CDC about Ebola…

Yep… like always, the last thing you wanna do is trust the White House and the CDC about Ebola. Anything coming from them is probably made up and a lie. I don’t know much about Ebola. Don’t know much about the symptoms and the side effects but I’m sure most of the info that the White House is giving us about Ebola is all a lie.

You don’t wanna listen to Obama teaching you about how Ebola works.

I still believe that this latest outbreak of Ebola is fake and a hoax. Some of you may ask. Why would our government and the CDC waste all of this tax payer money to start an Ebola hoax? Well for a few things like I said before they could do it start getting all of us to take vaccine shots. There may not be vaccines for Ebola right now but there will be. Canada is shipping vaccines to the World Health Organization, look it up. Plus, another reason this could be a hoax ’cause it helps make Obama look good. After all the crimes and scandals that Obama went through over the 6 years of his presidency, he wants his presidency to go out on a good note before he goes out in 2016. It’s an opportunity for Obama to look like a hero again. He’s trying to distract us from Isis, the Border Crisis, Benghazi, and all the other stuff he’s been through.

I am also noticing that libtards can’t figure out a way to blame the Ebola outbreak on Bush so they typically blame it on Republicans instead. That’s what they usually do when they can’t find a way to blame Bush on something.

I am tired of seeing Ebola all over the news and social networking, though. I don’t really care about Ebola. Americans are being scared over “nothing” when the reality is, Americans should be scared of Obama still being in the oval office. Americans should be more concerned of that… Obama still being president.

Ever notice that every time Obama gets into a crime or a scandal each one is shrouded in mystery? Well, it’s no surprise that the Ebola outbreak is gonna be shrouded in mystery and the Obama administration refuses to give us answers like usual. Do you see a bit of a pattern here?

I don’t care about Ebola. There are more important things to worry about like trying to get Obama held accountable for his actions over the years. If we got rid of Obama a long time ago, then I’m pretty positive this latest so called Ebola outbreak wouldn’t have happened. He’s only trying to scare us. That’s all he’s doing.


5 thoughts on “The last thing you wanna do is trust the White House and the CDC about Ebola…”

  1. I will be honest here and quite blunt. No matter if you are or not correct about Ebola, Of course most people do not want Obama telling them how Ebola spreads and how to deal with it. any more than a blogger telling them it is fake made up because it is confusing. People want it to be fake and if it is then this is a way for Obama to look presidential with fake leadership.However if it is real people need to be aware and take steps to protect their families and nothing should be said that might discourage people from preparing for worst case scenario. Yes this could be a case of “Wag The Dog” but which side of the coin do you want to bet your life on? I have used up my allotment of luck in my lifetime…..=)

    1. This outbreak have already been proven to be fake. It’s not just some blogger telling people it is. CNN and the NY Times have been caught red-handed with the story plus there’s a photo out there making the rounds of the internet of a clipboard guy boarding a plane who was not wearing all that protective gear. Look this stuff up! I’m not alone on this. Many of us have picked up on it.


  2. Honestly I hope you are right. I saw images of the twin towers blowing up on 9-!!-2001 that had no planes in them. A few weeks later the guy who photoshopped them admitted the fraud. I am just a skeptic until I see real proof.. Peace =)

    1. Look like it’s time for me to hit up youtube and google again. I’ll do the research and post the info. There’s plenty of it showing you how fake Obama’s Ebola outbreak really is. Are you really surprised? Everything about Obama’s presidency is fake anyways.


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