Trey Gowdy vows to keep the Benghazi hearings going until the truth is out…

In this opening statement of the second Benghazi hearing by Trey Gowdy, it seems like he’s responding to the bullshit Intel Committee report without mentioning it’s name. Looks like Trey is vowing to keep the hearings going until the real truth of Benghazi is out. He’s not gonna give up until we get a full understanding of what happened that night on Sept. 11th, 2012.

It can take months or another few years or more and people can try to stop his investigation but nothing is stopping this man.

While it’s gonna take a long time to get the full truth, it’s preferably we know the truth even sooner. The sooner, the better. Trey is slow on the investigation ’cause Benghazi is a difficult investigation. Barack and Hillary covered their tracks too well so it’s gonna take a long while to get everything.

I would like to watch the 2nd hearing today but the live-stream sucks up here so I’ll just read about it on the internet. It’ll be a long while ’til we start knowing some things ’cause Barack and Hillary has way too many people lying for them. It’ll be nice if some witnesses, whistleblowers and survivors would have some guts and be honest for once. I’m tired of people protecting Barack and Hillary.


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