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Why are people so worried about Hillary getting taken down? Who cares… let the dumb woman burn…

I don’t understand the obsession of libtard America trying their best to protect the Clintons. She’s just a dumb woman and a cunt who isn’t really famous for anything and hasn’t accomplished much in her pathetic life. She’s pretty much like the Kardashian family. Famous for being famous, that’s what Hillary is. She’s done nothing positive for America and yet all people wanna do is defend her and some libtards worship her anyways. Makes me fuckin’ sick if you ask me. The media is still trying to make her look good just when you thought the mass media turned their back on her. Why did the media turn their back on Hillary and yet, they’re defending her again? It’s an obvious attempt to make her president, I guess. I wouldn’t be surprised if they make her the next president in the White House when she shouldn’t be at all.

Even if she did get in trouble and get locked up for her criminal actions, who cares? Are there better things to worry about instead of some dumb woman with the last name of Clinton? This fuckin’ country treats her like she’s the Duchess royals or something. Hillary is no Kate Middleton or Princess Diana, y’all. Why do people treat Hillary like that? Hillary is a dumb lying cunt. Criminal and murderer.


I don’t know anymore. This country is fucked up… worshipping people that they shouldn’t even be worshipping but they treat the real heroes as if they are our enemies.

The only reason they’re accusing Trey Gowdy’s Select Committee on Benghazi being the target of Hillary is to help get more votes for Hillary… period… end of story. That’s all they’re doing it for, in my opinion. If Hillary doesn’t win the nomination, that’s when they’ll stop accusing Trey of that.

Hillary should be held accountable for her actions, it shouldn’t matter how famous and rich she is.


Trey Gowdy vows to keep the Benghazi hearings going until the truth is out…

In this opening statement of the second Benghazi hearing by Trey Gowdy, it seems like he’s responding to the bullshit Intel Committee report without mentioning it’s name. Looks like Trey is vowing to keep the hearings going until the real truth of Benghazi is out. He’s not gonna give up until we get a full understanding of what happened that night on Sept. 11th, 2012.

It can take months or another few years or more and people can try to stop his investigation but nothing is stopping this man.

While it’s gonna take a long time to get the full truth, it’s preferably we know the truth even sooner. The sooner, the better. Trey is slow on the investigation ’cause Benghazi is a difficult investigation. Barack and Hillary covered their tracks too well so it’s gonna take a long while to get everything.

I would like to watch the 2nd hearing today but the live-stream sucks up here so I’ll just read about it on the internet. It’ll be a long while ’til we start knowing some things ’cause Barack and Hillary has way too many people lying for them. It’ll be nice if some witnesses, whistleblowers and survivors would have some guts and be honest for once. I’m tired of people protecting Barack and Hillary.


Trey Gowdy’s Benghazi Select Committee to have public hearing in Dec. despite Intel Committee claims…

See? Told ya so!!! Despite the ridiculous claims of the Intel Committee saying there was no wrongdoing of the Obama administration, Trey Gowdy’s Select Committee is still moving forward. They got a new public hearing coming up in Dec. to focus on Hillary’s, State Dept. This one could be the big one and could potentially drop a lot of new bombshell’s about Hillary’s, Benghazi.


Anybody that believes what the Intel Committee put out there is an idiot and it’s looking like Trey Gowdy himself is laughing off the latest report and ignoring it as well. The Intel Committee desperately tried to kill Trey’s investigation and they failed miserably. Remember, just their “side of the story”.


First Benghazi Select Committee public hearing WILL be streamed live tomorrow!!!

The first Benghazi Select Committee hearing will be streamed live tomorrow morning at 10. It’ll focus on the implementation of the ARB Report (the Accountability Review Board). Since Sharyl Attkisson revealed yesterday that Raymond Maxwell came forward with info that Hillary Clinton tried to get him to pull out documents so they won’t get to the ARB, this will probably get brought up tomorrow. Trey is probably gonna ask about it.

I’m gonna try to watch the hearing if the streaming works on my Ipad. I’m sure it’ll be interesting. Trey is probably gonna get tough… that guy takes no shit from anybody. When he’s pissed, he usually shows it.

Looking forward to it! Get ’em Trey!


First photo of new Benghazi select committee released…

The Benghazi select committee have been selected and here they are seated at this table. You can tell they look very serious. Especially the look on Trey’s face. You can tell that he’s serious. You see in his eyes that Trey is ready to give the Obama administration the ultimate smackdown!

Get ’em guys! I’m 100% behind y’all!